Monday, August 11, 2008

7 years

Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated earlier on Friday night by heading to San Diego. Our friend Debbie watched the kids, and we are so so grateful she did that for us. It was so nice to get away and celebrate us. After checking into the hotel we went to Claim Jumper for dinner. Oh how I miss having one of those nearby. We then went for a moonlit stroll on the beach. We stopped walking and put our feet in the water for a minute and unfortunately a nice wave drenched my pants, so we had to find a store so I could get something dry as we were going to see a late night showing of Batman, but by the time we stopped and bought some new pants we were too late for the movie. In the morning we headed over to the temple. Sadly we haven’t been since we moved here, although we have tried a few times, but for one reason or another we haven’t been able to actually go. So we finally made it, and it was so wonderful to go back. My mind was flooded with so many thoughts and feelings. I just loved being there. We stopped at Veijas on the way back and that took a little longer than expected, so we missed a baptism we were planning on going to in our ward. Drats. But we had a great time.
I am just so grateful that I have Daniel. He is one in a million. When we got married we didn’t know each other extremely well. He could have turned out to be psycho. But as we have gotten to know each other, I am just amazed with how incredible he is. He has a heart of gold. He loves others so unconditionally. He is so supportive and kind, and giving. I am seriously so blessed!-(not in the blog named so way though!) I love being married to this man! He is the best!


We have been having some connection problems for the past two weeks and I am going crazy. I use the internet for a zillion things and to not be able to do such is totally throwing me off my groove. But the thing that has been bugging me the most-- blogging. Not being able to read up on blogs makes me feel really disconnected and homesick. Weird. And I really miss having “my place” to write my thoughts and certain events going on in our lives. Hopefully I can get this post to post and hopefully we can get this connection thing straightened out soon.
We have now been in Yuma for a year. In some ways it feels like we have been here forever, but in others its gone by so fast. Daniels job was a bigger project to organize than we initially thought , but he has learned volumes through it all. Overall it was a good decision for us, and we have met some of the most wonderful people here.
Kylie started 1st grade last week. She was so excited to go, but one week in and she is already bored with it. That’s probably because they are going over stuff she learned in preschool. I can understand the need to review and find out where the kids are, but shouldn’t they be reviewing kindergarten stuff? If the 1st graders don’t know where there head, shoulders, knees and toes are by now, then they shouldn’t be in the 1st grade. Her friends from church are in a different class, and I am feeling pretty bad about that now cuz on her first day she asked another girl in her class if she wanted to be friends, which is something hard for Kylie to do cuz she is very shy, especially in new situations. This girl told her flat out no, and so Kylie spent her first day without a friend. That just made me mad. What kind of kid tells another kid they don’t want to be friends? Come on. Thankfully by Wednesday she figured out where her friends from church play at recess, and has fun with them. She told me she wanted to go back to the school she was at last year, and I have been questioning my decision about that. If it wasn’t so expensive I probably would switch her back. But hopefully all will be well this week.
Tyler has a new found obsession. Star wars. I wont let him watch the movies cuz he gets scared just watching swiper swipe stuff. But he loves playing lego star wars on the playstation even if he doesn’t really know what hes doing, and loves his daddy telling him the stories. He use to pretend he was Diego, but now he thinks hes Chew-bacca. It’ll be sad to say adios to Diego as hes been part of the family for 2 years now, but maybe James and Ben will develop a bond for the animal rescuer some day too.
James has been missing his “sss-sa” (sister) during the day. He had been so attached to her the past 2 months, and without her around, he is so sad. His big brother doesn’t mother him like Kylie, and since Ben is out of the newborn stage he is awake most of the time, so he has to share my lap and attention and its just not what he wants. Two weeks ago he started climbing out of his crib whenever I put him down for naps or bedtime. I have to put him down 6-8 times each time before he stays. Its outta control. I need to find one of those crib tents to put over the top, but alas without a connection, I cant find/ order one.
Ben has been gnawing on his fist for the past 3 weeks and his gums are all swollen. His first tooth is ready to break through any day now. He is getting so big. Hopefully my arms will get some tonation with me carrying around those 15 pounds all day long. Yeah, I wish.