Monday, July 13, 2009

Liar Liar pants on fire!

So we just got back in town and Yuma decided to celebrate with 119 temps! Seriously WHY THE HECK DO WE LIVE HERE?

What a great vacation we had. We traveled up the weekend before my family's reunion to celebrate our anniversary a month early. My mom watched the kiddies for 2 nights for us, and we are forever grateful. The kids had so much fun with their grandparents and Daniel and I had so much fun being a couple again. We went to our favorite hotel in park city- which is called just that- Hotel Park City. We went to the Olympic Park and did the zip line a couple times. That was seriously exhilarating! And we did the alpine slide there as well. We also rented a couple of bikes and went biking ALL over the place. I could barely walk the next day. I havent been on a bike in like 15 years. But it was so much fun. We also went swimming and shopping and worked out together in the mornings- something we have wanted to do but havent been able to pull off as we have all the kiddies. We made up for all of the burnt calories by eating out at some really tasty establishments. That weekend was HEAVEN! We got to see some awesome fireworks from the hotel, we stayed up late and slept in. We got to read and just enjoy each others company. In case you didnt know, I really love my Daniel! And oh how we love my mom for letting us have that break!

The next week we had a few days before the reunion, and we were planning on visiting Daniels parents, but they were out of town visiting other relatives, unfortunately. So we decided to go to Moab and see the arches. totally cool, but it was almost as hot as back home. Almost but not quite.

So we got back and got ready for the blessed annual reunion. I love my family. There is never a dull moment when all 42 of us get together. We went up to Cherry Hills and had a blast. We camped out and then went to the water park the next day. Great were the sunburns.

Friday one of my cousins got married, so we went to the reception and got to visit with aunts, uncles, and cousins whom we havent seen in a while.
Saturday my niece Lucy was baptized. What a joyful day it was. We also had the talent show that night. Great were the talents and even greater are the memories.

So a few months ago I posted a hideous picture of myself with a new haircut. The morning I went to get my haircut Daniel was all worried that I was going to really get it chopped off-like the picture. I have had my hair cut short once in my life and that once was the most horrid haircut I have ever had. Seriously- I look soooooooo UGLY with short hair. really REALLY ugly. So I would never ever in a zillion years cut my hair short like that. Daniel knows this. OR at least I thought he did.

Anyway the day I got it cut he was texting me to send him a picture. So I sent him that picture and he honestly believed I really cut it. He was scared to come home that night, but when he did and saw that my hair was my normal length he was so relieved. It cracked me up cuz its a horrible picture and for sure he could tell it was fake- but alas he fell for my bluff.

We got to scheming later that night and thought it might be fun to see if my mom would fall for the same bluff. So I blogged it. My mom called me the next night wanting to know if it was some kind of joke. I lied through my teeth. She asked me again. I lied yet again and again. The guilt was killing me but I needed her to believe me. She asked to talk to Daniel. He lied to her. Interestingly enough he was being so sarcastic with my mom I thought for SURE she would know he was lying, but she trusted my darling Daniel who would never lie to his mother in law.
Anyway a few weeks ago Daniel posted a picture of me and the boys on his facebook page when we went to San Diego. Of course my sister in law Lala picked up on the long hair and called us on our fib. Daniel thought of a lie-(what a tangled web we were weaving) and thankfully she didnt go to my mom with her new found doubts.

So we drove up to my moms. Since its an ALL day drive, we didnt get there until dark. I put my hideous wig on, we knocked on her door, she gave all the kiddies hugs and warm welcomes, and then it was my turn. She was shocked but pulled off her own lie of telling me it was "cute." But as we embraced she felt my hair, and instantly knew it was fake and pulled off my wig. I had tears from laughing at her expressions and her little, "Oh its so cute" comment when it was the most horrid looking fake hair ever.

My sister came over a few days later-(after our little getaway) and we pulled the same prank on her. She commented how it almost looked like a wig and she even felt it, but she believed it was real until everyone was getting ready to go home and she saw a few hairs that werent the same length and offered to trim them for me. She still didnt catch on for a minute, but then it dawned on her and again- her expression was just like my moms. I havent had a gut wrenching laugh like that for a while.

The cost of the wig, $15; the cost of lying to my family, an eternity in heck; my mom and sisters reactions, priceless. Its gonna be a long time before anyone believes a word I say, but it was a pretty good heist if I do say so myself.