Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so i havent blogged in a while, and missed a few important events in out fam, but am gonna try to catch up. to the few family members and friends that actually read my blog, i have been reading your blogs, but have been unable to leave comments for the same reason i havent been able to blog. so you can blame my bennie-booger. the hyperactive  child is really into destroying stuff, and the latest destroyed item is the computer/keyboard/mouse. luckily my dearest darling daniel surprised me with my new phone that also happens to allow me to blog from it. woohoo. (ben broke my other phone about 2 months ago and before the G2 made its fabulous debut, i was forced to revert  back to the dark ages of my old flip phone that was only able to make calls and very slowly text. thank heavens daniel didnt make me wait for my birthday to get this phone, i might have died waiting.)

so earlier this month we celebrated jamesys 4th birthday. he was so excited all day long and pretty much ruled the roost for the day. he got to go out to lunch with his daddy, which was his favorite part of his day.  we sure love our james and are extremely grateful he is part of our family.

the kids had a week long fall break, so we tried to keep ourselves sane by doing some halloweenish activities. we headed to the "munkin patch" and had all sorts of fun. the kids were most excited to pick out their "munkins" and we are planning to have a carving fest this weekend. we made our haunted houses out of all sorts of halloween candies, along with a bajillion halloween crafts.
daniel and i went to our friends annual halloween party, and poor daniel has just been miserable with this lingering cold, and thought he had an excuse to not go (not cuz the party isnt a blast, cuz it is, just cuz daniel absolute hates dressing up and only did it last year cuz he didnt wan to deal with "the wrath of Kimmy") but i dragged him to it again, but even though he wasnt feeling too great, he had a good time, and won the prize for the funniest costume. (he went as princess leia...originally i was gonna be leia and daniel was gonna be han solo, but the han solo costume looked a little too small on my extremely tall guy, so we switched and it was awesome to say the  least. for a guy so resentful to dressing up, he sure went above and beyond.)

the kids had their primary program last sunday, and i got quite a kick out of it this year.the past 2 years i hadnt enjoyed it from the congregation viewpoint. i was crouched beneath the pulpit trying to ensure a smooth program as that was my responsibility, but this year, as i no longer am in primary, i really cracked up time and time again watching and listening to the primary kids. they closed singing the song "i know that my savior loves me," and that brought m to tears. it was so very sweet. kylie did her part perfectly, and toast did his perfectly on his second try-(he got flustered his first attempt and shut down for a good minute until the sweet and kind primary counselor reassured him, and he was able to pull himself together. james being a sunbeam, just had to sit up there and sing the songs, which he did, but i cracked up watching him entertain himself. he turned his hands into airplanes and kept chasing the other hand/plane and then would crash them into each other. i cant complain though, cuz at least he stayed n his chair the whole time, unlike every other sunday when he and ben are climbing under, over, in front, behind and every where else. this was an improvement.

we are getting all excited for the holidays and since Halloween falls on sunday, we will celebrate  halloween on saturday and spend sunday decking our halls for christmas. i can hardly wait!