Friday, June 27, 2008


After we bless our babies I take them to Kiddie Kandids and do a little photo shoot in their blessing outfit. So today my mom watched the monkeys and Ben and I headed over to the mall. Ben was just smiling away, so it was one of the easiest visits to the photographers I can remember. Hard part was choosing which one to get.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So what do you do when you have 4 grumpy, tired, hot, thirsty, hungry kids and a big sharp piece of metal completely punctures your tire and you are not very close to your destination, and your husband is hundreds of miles away, and the last time you changed a tire was 10 years ago, and it was on a tiny honda civic, making it super easy, and now you have a beast minivan and the tire is impossible to remove as is the retarded spare underneath the stinking car???
I called in the super-hero AKA my Dad. Within a few minutes he was there, and after our little adventure, fixed me up with another tire, and sent us on our way. Truly he is Mr. Incredible.
THANKS DAD- you are my hero!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Share the love

Last week I lost my voice. I also felt like death with a cold that gave me body aches for 48 hours. My voice started coming back, but my throat has still been feeling raw and it still hurts when I swallow. Two nights ago James and Ben took turns keeping me up ALL night long. They screamed for so long and so loud that my mom heard them, and knew I had a rough night. So she made us come in to the dr office so my uncle could check up on us. Turns out James and I have strep throat. So we got some drugs and will hopefully be doing better soon. But we decided to share the love first. My sister and her kids have gotten it, and my mom and dad both have sore throats now, so we wont be surprised if they have it as well. And seeing as how we were around Reeds, Toms, Travs, Jers,&Johns families, they might just be cursing us soon. Sorry to spread the bug guys!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Google Tag

My friend Donna tagged me google style-
(one needs to answer using images found on google)
here goes

1-Age on next b-day

2-Place I want to visit

Daniel proposed to me on a gondola ride at the Venetian, and since then, we want to go on a gondola ride in Italy. Daniel also wants to go just so he can quote a particular movie line from Only You

And Hawaii-I went to Hawaii with my family 10 years ago, but I really want to go back with Daniel

3-My favorite thing

I really have to limit myself cuz I have lots and lots of favorites

He is number 1-(Can you tell I am really missing him?)

Everything about Christmas, the feeling, the sounds, the smells, the looks, the tastes- EVERYTHING-

No explanation needed

Sunsets and sunrises

I love spring and I LOVE Tulips

and the list goes on and on, but like I said-I am limiting myself

4-my favorite food

Grilled Chicken salad

And garden fresh vegetables

And mint chocolate chip ice-cream

5-favorite place

Any place with Daniel, but especially here

6- Favorite color

7-Nicknames I've had

Obviously this

And these: beeper, beeper doo, doo bug, beeper fetching doo(BFD), beeper doo bug,

In order to understand this one you need to see the movie Hello Again

And my nephews call me this

8-my first job

(Besides babysitting and picking raspberries)
(I hated this movie)

9-College Major

I have all the pre-reqs, but got married and had Ky before I applied for the program, so its what I was gonna do, but not what I want to do anymore.

10-Concerts I've been to

Twice on this one-it was AMAZING!

I love his voice!!!

This one was super fun

And them

And even though its not a concert, I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS-

(I love musicals and my favorites I have seen: Les Miserables, Phantom(3 times), Hello Dolly(starring Carol Channing), Secret Garden, Sound of Music, Hairspray, & Beauty & the Beast.)

And Finally 10- name of past/present pet

I am not a pet person-

Wow- thats a long one
So-I tag Christie, Kristy, Allison, Laura, Tina, Sabra, and Brie!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today we got to have the kids cousins come over to grandmas to play. After lunch we played tag tail zoo chase. It was so nice to be able to play outside during the day without instantly suffocating! Oh Utah summers are wonderful. We then made puppets and the kids put on a little puppet show for me. It was quite comical. My kids are loving being able to go barefoot in the soft green grass as opposed to getting poked and burned by the grass back home. We sure miss being able to do play-dates with cousins, so we truly love this time being around them. It is, however, really hard to be away from Daniel. The kids talked to him tonight at bedtime and loved telling him all of their adventures, and as soon as they said goodbye they told me they wanted to give Daddy a hug. Toast is used to having some body-slamming/wrestling time with daddy before bedtime, so he has been trying to compensate by subbing in Grandpa and Uncle Johnny. However, no one can give "hot-foots" quite as good as Daddy.-SO even though we love being in nicer weather and love being around family, we really really really miss our Daniel!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few pictures

At Bens blessing

Down by the river

My lil Bennie-boy


My sister, mom, and me

Kylie working intently on her flag

Ben with Grandma and Grandpa

Everyone loves Uncle Tom

All the boys

Trav showing Lucy her particular camp sight-(she didnt like the idea hence the hair covering her face)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hall Fam Reunion

This past weekend we traveled up to UT for the BR Hall family reunion. Oh how I love my family and just love being with everyone. We traveled ALL day and the kids did fairly well besides a few episodes of pukes on Kys part, no naps, and my big toenail being ripped off. Lots of fun! But once we arrived everything was dandy. We went to Heber Valley camp, and it was just great-(besides the frigid temps at night) (we desert rats are not use to the cold, so we were particularly freezing)- we got to go on canoes and paddle boats on the lakes, made several crafts with the kids, did a little hiking, and had just a good ol time hanging out and catching up with everyone. The mountains up there are spectacular, and just so peaceful. However, there was a total of 41 of us- so there was never a dull moment.
On Sunday we blessed Ben. It was very special to me cuz it was fathers day and having Daniel bless our baby was just precious. And it was the first time my brothers got to participate in a blessing of one of my kids, so that was pretty special for me as well. Afterwards we went to a little park for dinner, and concluded another great reunion.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today we headed over to one of Yumas select few splash parks. Its rather small, and it was packed. I was hoping the cold water would give us a little refreshment from the heat, but it was like bath water, which grosses me out when there are a zillion kids running around in the same small area of water. Granted I know its caused from the scorching heat, but I am always worried about standing in someone elses urine. Totally gross. But the kids had a good time, and that's all that matters right?