Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Broken Heart

(I know these are lousy pictures- my camera is on the fritz)

Tys heart is broken. He had his last day of preschool today, and his teacher and his betrothed are moving in a few weeks. Poor Toast. To cheer him up I took him to the Dollar Store. I seriously dont like taking all 4 kids out by myself, but thought we would be fine at the dollar store; any damage they can cause shouldnt cost too much to replace, right?
Well they did just fine, but while we were checking out a "nice" lady behind us was giving me the "you should try birth control look." Then she decided to tell me what she thought i dont already know-"Boy you sure have A LOT of kids." Oh how those kind of comments just make me smile. Wonder what she would say if she knew I actually want one more.


Cook Zoo said...

I hate it when strangers put their judgments on you like that. It sounds like you're a lot more patient about it than I am! :) When we decided to stop at 3 kids, we got two different reactions. People in the church tended to look shocked, like they couldn't believe we'd have so few. Whereas my mother's reaction pretty much sums up what people outside the church seemed to think. When I told her we were done, she said, "Well, I should think so!"
Whatever people. LOL.

Deb said...

My sister-in-law has six boys and her favorite comment(that she recieved suprisingly often)was, "Are all of those boys yours?....and from the same Dad?"

Julie said...

I get comments like that all the time too! "Wow you have your hands full." "What a big family." "You're done having kids, right?" It bothers me a little because I think its so personal and I feel that if I tell people I will have another they are going to lecture me. A friend and I were talking about how four is the new six when it comes to kids. It used to be six kids was a huge family. Now four kids is looked at like some out of control family. Oh well. . .

Leah said...

Hi Kimmy! It's Leah Jacobson, Glenna's Granddaughter!

Thanks for posting on my blog! It's a small world, isn't it?

I was just talking to Grandma about you. She adores you. I couldn't remember your name so I had to come look at your blog again. When I finally told her she said, "Oh! Kimmy! I LOVE KIMMY!"

So, anyway, I think we should be friends. (Any friend of Grandmas...)

I don't call my grandma as much as I should. (It's kinda hard to talk with little man screaming in the background... You probably know what I mean...) So, I'm glad that she has friends down there in Yuma to take care of her. Give her a big squeeze when you see her in church on Sunday, will ya?

About the kids, you SHOULD have one more! They are so darling! Spread the love!

The Davis Diaries said...

Kimmy! Guess what I am blogging, (sort of) now, so we can keep in touch! I love the pics! You are awesome at this. I am going to try and keep up! I don't think I have to invite you but our blog is! Remember I am a BEGINNER! :)