Monday, June 16, 2008

Hall Fam Reunion

This past weekend we traveled up to UT for the BR Hall family reunion. Oh how I love my family and just love being with everyone. We traveled ALL day and the kids did fairly well besides a few episodes of pukes on Kys part, no naps, and my big toenail being ripped off. Lots of fun! But once we arrived everything was dandy. We went to Heber Valley camp, and it was just great-(besides the frigid temps at night) (we desert rats are not use to the cold, so we were particularly freezing)- we got to go on canoes and paddle boats on the lakes, made several crafts with the kids, did a little hiking, and had just a good ol time hanging out and catching up with everyone. The mountains up there are spectacular, and just so peaceful. However, there was a total of 41 of us- so there was never a dull moment.
On Sunday we blessed Ben. It was very special to me cuz it was fathers day and having Daniel bless our baby was just precious. And it was the first time my brothers got to participate in a blessing of one of my kids, so that was pretty special for me as well. Afterwards we went to a little park for dinner, and concluded another great reunion.

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Julie said...

Its so hard to live away from family. None of my family is close. But I also love reunions. I love all the action, love the cousins playing, love the laughs, hate the goodbyes. I'm glad you had a great time and I'm so glad you were able to do the baby blessing there. How special!