Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Share the love

Last week I lost my voice. I also felt like death with a cold that gave me body aches for 48 hours. My voice started coming back, but my throat has still been feeling raw and it still hurts when I swallow. Two nights ago James and Ben took turns keeping me up ALL night long. They screamed for so long and so loud that my mom heard them, and knew I had a rough night. So she made us come in to the dr office so my uncle could check up on us. Turns out James and I have strep throat. So we got some drugs and will hopefully be doing better soon. But we decided to share the love first. My sister and her kids have gotten it, and my mom and dad both have sore throats now, so we wont be surprised if they have it as well. And seeing as how we were around Reeds, Toms, Travs, Jers,&Johns families, they might just be cursing us soon. Sorry to spread the bug guys!


Cook Zoo said...

Oh man, strep stinks! Just make sure it's gone before we come see you! We don't want THAT kind of love! ;) I hope you're all feeling better soon!

Tina said...

Oh, I am almost afraid to comment here...as if the germs will jump out from the screen....;) Hope you're doing better.

Christie said...

Well at least we are all better now! Sharing the love!