Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So what do you do when you have 4 grumpy, tired, hot, thirsty, hungry kids and a big sharp piece of metal completely punctures your tire and you are not very close to your destination, and your husband is hundreds of miles away, and the last time you changed a tire was 10 years ago, and it was on a tiny honda civic, making it super easy, and now you have a beast minivan and the tire is impossible to remove as is the retarded spare underneath the stinking car???
I called in the super-hero AKA my Dad. Within a few minutes he was there, and after our little adventure, fixed me up with another tire, and sent us on our way. Truly he is Mr. Incredible.
THANKS DAD- you are my hero!


Julie said...

Yeah for Dad! But that post made me a little nervous since I am going to be traveling without Ryan this summer and I've NEVER changed a tire, not even on a little Honda Civic, and there's no way I can do a Suburban and I'm getting kind of scared. Where does you dad live in case I need him?????

Sabra said...

What a nightmare!

Cook Zoo said...

That was a really funny post! Hooray for SuperDad!! :)

Deb said...

Thank heavens for Dads. Once I got a flat tire on the freeway with the kids and no cell phone. A man pulled over immediately to help and changed my tire. (Ian made fun of me for not knowing how to change a tire. Like girls know how to do that....or want to do that.) Anyways the stranger said he would want someone to do the same thing for his wife. I was so grateful for his help and random act of kindness.

Tina said...

That is one of my worst fears!

I'm glad your dad could come to the rescue.