Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Keeping up

Seems like I've totally dropped the blog/journal ball. So I'm gonna vow to do better so when I have dementia in a few years my kids will have some sort of record before then.
Summer was kind of a bummer as we mostly stick around here in the 115+ degree weather; so my little boys who have endless amounts of energy bounce off my walls & couch instead of running around outside. So sad. We need a summer home in Utah. Someday. But we did get to go up for a quick trip to bless my Tommy-boy. His namesake was in Lake Powell, but his other favorite uncles and both grandpas were there to hold him for his blessing. Just like Joshys though, I didn't hear a word of it. Grrrrr. But hey, at least he is blessed and has his name on the church records right?
The kids did pretty good with our routine &job charts & workbooks  as it led to an afternoon of activities inspired by pintrest. We didn't make it to the pool at all as I was pretty sure that would have led to my demise with all 6 kids by myself. Maybe next year I will be more brave. Probably not. but time will tell.
The kids started school and I think their teachers are just right for their individual personalities. James was so hesitant to start Kinder, but he is doing so well. I am so thankful he has such a sweet teacher. Tys teacher recognized that he was having a hard time seeing the white board& recommended we get his eyes checked out. Daniel took him& they both had an eye exam, and now they both have glasses. Kylies grade is rotating teachers for the different studies & that's been interesting. Bennie started preschool at the treehouse, and loves it. So on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, I only have 2 of my babies for a couple of hours. On rare occasion they take naps at the same time & I can get my house clean, but most of the time one wakes up right after I put one down. But then i get individual time with my little ones, so that's nice. 
Ty& James started TaeKwonDo back when school started & it has been good for both of them. my boys have no interest in sports so Ive been frustrated trying to figure out someway to get them involved in something & my Daniel ended up meeting this guy when he was doing a class for realtor's on self defense, & we've been so happy with how it has worked out. They have earned their yellow belts and they both are doing well.
Kylie didn't want to do gymnastics again, & i cant convince her to do swim team, or dance of any sort, nor does she have any interest in any sport either. She is dying to learn how to sew though, & wants to take art classes, but i have NO idea where to find real art or sewing classes for her in Yuma. We are also trying to find her a piano teacher still & find it very frustrating that Yuma  seems to have such a lack in things like that. Chances are I just don't know where to look, but the searches i have done haven't led me to any more clues on where to look. Blah.
Daniel had quite a frustrating time trying to find the right assistant, but finally did, and we both love her. She came over with her 2 daughters about a month or so after starting with Daniel & sent us on a  real date. (it had been months!) bless her heart. And since then, her oldest daughter has babysat at least once or  twice a month so we have actually have date nights. I LOVE IT!
 We celebrated our 11 year anniversary back in August, right after school started & had gotten tickets for Wicked in SLC a year before, & as luck would have it a sweet cousin was getting married that same weekend, so we had to do some juggling in regards to having grandma taking care of the babies as she had a wedding dinner and the wedding itself to go to. Thankfully Reed& Allyson were so wonderful to help out on Friday night, then Christie took on Kylie, James & the 2 babies for a few hours during the wedding. Isaac was a trooper and let Toast& Bennie come hang over there during that time too. so it all worked out and Daniel and I had a great weekend. We went to the Timp temple and reminisced about that day 11 years ago& funny enough got asked to be the witness couple- which we have only been a couple of times in our married life. Oh how I miss going to the temple. How I wish we could get even a mini one in this town. We stayed at our favorite place in Park City, had a nice dinner, slept in, did some shopping, and LOVED Wicked, then got to visit with extended family that I rarely get to see, at my cousins reception. How fun that was! then we got up and made  the treacherous never ending drive back here to the dang heat.
Daniel, being the sweetheart he is, gave me a large canvas with one of our wedding pictures and the words to our song printed in the background. I love that man! The trip was suppose to be our gift to each other, but he always goes & does something so sweet like that. Wow, I really got lucky in having his as my eternal companion. 
Kylie celebrated her 10th b-day back in September. after a busy family birthday day, she had a few of her besties get pedicures & then DQ to continue the celebration the day after. 
Toast turned 9, right after her & was happy with his celebrations too. He wanted an angry birds cake- but wanted it to be the "bomber-guy"- um, not quite sure who the bomber guy was, but Ty was happy with how it turned out, so alls well. 
we celebrated Jamesys bday less than 2 weeks after tys. He wanted to do a friend party, but I wasn't able to pull it together enough to help him plan it-(sleep deprivation, endless laundry, helping the oldest 3 with homework, trying to keep the house clean, meals made, and running the 3 oldest to the various activities they have all week--yeah, we drop the ball on a lot of things. Sad.
Ben is still just reading like a champ, and loves preschool. He is my little tender heart and man do i love that about him. He is just our loving little guy amid all the wrestling and "boy stuff"
Joshy keeps us laughing and keeps us on our toes with his ever growing monkey climbing on everything skills. He is communicating more and more with new words each day, and we all love that. He has also covered our walls with many of his art masterpieces. His new thing is taking off his pants when he gets mad. Cracks me up. 
Sweet Tommy has 4 teeth, crawls like a champ, is into the eating anything his siblings drop on the floor phase. His favorite thing to do is blow raspberries. I love him!
I was released as the teacher in yw's, and called to be the primary music leader. Broke my heart to say good bye to my girls-(and funny enough my last lesson was on a holiday weekend, so only 3 of my girls where even there that Sunday- sad)- and boy do i miss seeing them on Sundays, but I do think the primary music is where the party is at. I love the primary songs and feel like a good part of my testimony was influenced a great deal by the truths shared in those songs. and the kids are just so dang funny.
We repainted our office, changed the layout up and repainted the bookshelves, one of the desks, and filing cabinet. It was quite a project since we have so many little kids that need me every 5 minutes and Kylie didn't want to entertain the babies for very long, so the house was a mess for what seemed like forever, but we finished it up and now our office looks like the greek flag- wasn't my intent, but it is funny and I like the different look.
Halloween was weird this year. Our stake boundaries were changed & they ended up splitting our neighborhood  in 2.  Wasn't too happy with that change, but the only thing i can do about it is change my attitude. easier said than done. Anyway it made the trunk or treat unusual cuz instead of seeing the old ward family, it was mostly people we didn't know & i always feel so socially awkward when i don't know people & we go to a gathering like that. oh well.
so there is the update.