Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad luck

"Seven years' bad-- Ooh! Luck. That's what it is. Besides, you broke your mother's mirror"--movie trivia?

We have had a bit of bad luck lately- It started off with my mirror breaking.(hence the quote) and then my blow-dryer, the iron, my laptop-(which thankfully Daniel was able to fix) followed by my cell phone, the universal remote, and now my camera. Nothing too serious of course, except the camera. It broke yesterday as we were trying to take pictures of our birthday boy. Poor kid didnt have that great of a day. His sister woke him up before 6 am to check out his presents, which he was excited for until he started the pukes. So he spent the next several hours feeling pretty yucky. He did start to feel a little better close to bedtime, so we went ahead with his celebration, but who likes spending their birthday puking?
So I am hoping that we dont have a 7 year run of bad luck but rather a 7 things of bad luck cuz then our debt is paid. Heres to hoping this week is a lucky one!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am so happy! I finally have a connection! Now I can finally join the blogging world once again.
So since my last post Kylie lost one of her front teeth, and turned 6. She had a little party of her own planning. We painted toenails, decorated flip-flops, made bracelets, and wacked the fetch out of a pinata. She is quite the party planner, and it turned out to be quite fun.
Toast turns 5 on Saturday, and keeps changing his mind about what kind of birthday he wants. It used to be Diego, but he really isnt into him anymore, and then he wanted it to be Starwars, but now he says he just wants muffins. No idea what that even means. Daniel has been telling him chewbacca stories at bedtime, and thats been stemming his growing interest in star wars, but the other day he pulled out the starwars dvds and asked if he could watch them. I told him they were a little too scary but he insisted he wouldnt get scared and that he would be brave. So I decided we would try it out. He LOVED it. Now he wants to watch all of them. I am surprised cuz this is the kid who is terrified of swiper the fox. Apparently Darth Vader is tame when compared to a sneaky fox who swipes your stuff. Go figure.
James is coming up on his 2nd b-day in two more weeks. A few weeks ago we finally bought him a crib-tent, which has been the best thing EVER! He was climbing out of his crib more than 30 times each night and it was seriously killing me off hauling him up the stairs that many times over. Now the little monkey cant escape. Happy day for me!
Ben is 6 months old now and he is solid as can be. He is huge! He has started crawling and he sits up -kinda- he leans on his arms so he's at a weird 45 degree angle. But he seems pretty happy about it-until he tries to move and flops over. He still is spitting up gallons. Tyler got quite the surprise a few weeks ago in the middle of sacrament meeting. he went to give Ben a hug and as his face was right under Bens, Ben spewed his entire bottles worth of puke right in Tys face. Tylers look of horrification was just just too good to be true. Oh how i wish I had a camera for that memory. It still is making me laugh.
So seeing as how the kids birthdays are just a few weeks within each others, we take them to go get their birthday pictures, and since we dont have a kiddie kandids in yuma, we go to san diego and make a little trip out of it. We headed there last Friday. Saturday, after pictures and lunch, we spent the day on the beach. I love watching Daniel play with the kids. It melts my heart. He is such a cute dad. Anyway it was a fun quick trip.
Now that I have this written I can hopefully spend the next few days/week catching up on 2 months worth of blogs. Hooray!