Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blog, say what?

January! According to this thing called my blog I haven't updated my little online public journal since January. So many moments and memories and frustrations and good times and ordinary days and funny things the kids say that I haven't
Most updated fam pic
written down and  now they are forgotten. Sad.
I wanna know how the bloggers do it. How does one clean your house and take care of your kids and do the laundry and run to the store and plan out and prepare for your callings, and  pickup kids and run them to this activity and that activity and this other activity and this other activity and plan a family home evening and make sure they practice their piano and deal with the temper tantrums and teach them life lessons and have those one on one moments and do your visiting teaching and clean up puke from whichever one of your kids gets sick who then spreads it through all the other 5 kids and sometimes your husband, and take them to the dr office for their well checks or their broken bones and make sure everyone has their shots caught up and visit the dentist and make sure they are registered for this and that and  and make a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner, and fit in some time for traditions and parties and birthdays and holidays and mail this package here and make this return there and find a good deal on this and that and exercise and  shower and shave ones legs and get your kids haircuts and clean your house again and make sure the bedding gets washed and clean the car and wash the messy hand prints off the walls and mop up the spilled juice or the melted Popsicle and make sure homework is done, chores are helped with, toys are cleaned up, tears are wiped away, the backyard gets cleaned up somewhat, band-aids are applied, and school projects are researched and put together and turned in, and baths are given, prayers are said, scriptures are read, loves are given, threats are made, and by this time it is your bed time--- WHERE THE HECK DOES ANYONE EVER GET TIME TO BLOG????? Right now I'm suppose to be figuring out the best way to teach a fathers day song to the primary kids tomorrow for them to be ready to sing in sacrament meeting on fathers day, but I've hit a wall and looked on my blog, saw it was wonky, and thought, I should blog. at 10 pm. on a Saturday night, knowing that Daniel has meetings at 630 am, and is speaking in sacrament meeting tomorrow, and I have to get the kids ready for church by myself and have this singing time ready to go and be there by 9. hahaha. Wow- life is a little bonkers. Maybe it's not life. Maybe it is just me. I'm bonkers. How do bloggers actually find time to blog?

Belvedere lookout
my Daniel!
So, since January, Daniel had a birthday, Benny had a birthday, my truly awesome wonderful generous father came down and helped us with more home improvement projects-(replacing the flooring in our kitchen, repainting the entire house again, adding a bench into the master shower, making more shoe shelves in the garage, and moving the fireplace up, creating a bench and mantle and limestone wall around it. He then watched our kids overnight as we were headed to Tahiti (Christmas gift from Daniel) before Brooke could take over. We went to Tahiti- Moorea and Bora Bora- best vacation ever!  I should have done a blog post just for that alone- it was magnificent! Then Tommy turned 1, Joshy turned 2,  Ben graduated preschool, James graduated Kinder, Ky and Ty finished up 5th and 3rd grades. Somewhere in there Ty advanced to green belt in taekwondo, James is gonna be following hopefully next week, Ky & Ty are back in piano with a superb teacher, Ky got sent to the county science fair, had her seaworld field trip with Daniel and the 5th grade, she has been taking sewing from a gem of a friend, our garden has been more plentiful this time around, Daniel has been busy, but manages to still help me with everything. Ty got his bear in scouts. James has 2  aquatic turtles since crawler went missing. Joshy broke his clavicle, just like James. THe 3 oldest finally got over their fear of no training wheels in regards to their bikes, and now we enjoy family bike rides whenever we can manage. We got to spend a super quick weekend with my fam for our annual family reunion, and got to meet Christies baby boy. Such a cutie- makes me baby hungry. Johnny and Lala had their sweet baby girl that we hopefully get to meet in July. The 3 oldest boys had a blast at Father and Sons. We make a quick day trip to Mesa to take Daniels mom out for mothers day as she was there visiting Daniels uncle the day before mothers day. We got back home sometime after midnight and since i was leading the primary kids in the mothers day song in sacrament meeting, all hell broke lose that morning with trying to get the kids ready for church, and we made it to church with barely 5 minutes before i went in to lead the song(the poor primary president was kinda freaking wondering where the heck I was), which none of my kids sang as Ty had a melt down as soon as we walked into the building and ran away, so Daniel went after him, James was mad that ty had yelled at him, so he ran off the other way, Joshy chased after Daniel, Kylie went chasing after Joshy, and i had Ben hold tommys hand in the foyer as i had to go into the chapel to do the song. HAHAHAH- oh the memories of that mothers day!

the guardian to our bungalow
bora bora sunrise
last day in bora bora
joshys birthday
James Taekwondo
Josh sportin his shades
James showing off one of our cucumbers
Kylies science project had to do with cookies
Ben isnt quite willing to take off his training wheels yet
baby brothers
Bens preschool graduation
cookie monster
"up up!"
green belt
jameseys graduation
"bapa?" "what buddy?"
Daniels b-day
Tommys cake face
taking pics in Bora Bora

And now that it is 12, I am gonna have to stop. Peace out!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

new year

November & December flew on by. Will someone please slow time down.
We had a nice Thanksgiving in town thanks to one of the coolest families around. Then December brought about my birthday, which Daniel and the kids made into a spoil mom all day event. I loved seeing my kids bursting with excitement to give me their gifts. How sweet they are, and how very sweet my Daniel is.
We went up to UT for my darling cousins wedding, and then Daniel flew home while the kids and I got to spend that next week with my parents. Sadly my mom works insane hours so we only had evenings with her, but we gladly take anytime we get with her. Joshy sure does love his "ba-pa", and would go around calling out for "ba-pa" all day long.
The weekend before Christmas, Daniel flew back in, we picked him up and went to his parents & they sure did spoil us all up there. I dont know that they will ever want to go out to eat with our family again though cuz my kids extreme sleep deprivation made each of them emotional basketcases and all Daniel and I could do was laugh because it was the most extreme case of emotional meltdowness we've dealt with at a restaurant. It was good to catch up with them while we were there though, and the kids just loved all the crafts grandma & grandpa jackson had for the to do.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with all but 2 of my brothers & their families, but got to see all but 1 of my brothers on Christmas. I loved the white Christmas and all the traditions and loved loved loved being with family. How I miss being around my parents and siblings and their families. I simply adore my nieces and nephews.
We made the never ending drive back here. That was wild, and then got home and got hit by the flu and a sinus infection and ear infection and boy that was no fun to deal with.
But we are all alive and well and the kids go back to school tomorrow, and we jump back into the routine, which is good and kinda sad. Time marches on.
Kylie is growing up so fast on me,and i love this girls creativity. Toast is such a good kid & the head-butting he & I have struggled with for a while hasnt been happening lately, which makes me happy. He is showing more self control with his reactions and I love that about him. James and I are kind of in the phase that frustrated me so much when Ty was 6-8. So Im hoping it is a stage. James will be so so sweet and helpful, but if he gets offended, then wow does he react like a hot head and man does it take some serious self control on my part to not react by yelling at him which only would serve to escalate his hotheadedness. But im trying to focus on the positive with him, so let's say whenhe is good, he is very very good! Bennie is as bright as ever- such a sponge right now. Joshy is the toddler in charge. He has us all wrapped around his finger and knows it. Tommy has yet another tooth, and I suspect he will be walking before long. It breaks my heart that his first year will be over before I know it, and to think i am not gonna have a newborn again is just killing me- but having another might just kill me too, isn't that just a catch 22.
Here's to hoping 2013 will be all that we hope for it to be.