Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Party and a little Jail Time

We were so very blessed this Thanksgiving. One of my favorite brothers and his family came down for the weekend. We never get company, so we were LOVING it! Add to that that we only get to see said brother and fam once a year, this was indeed a special treat. The kids loved having their cousins over, and Kylie especially loved having a substitute little sister. My nephew even turned into our slave for the day on Friday and weed wacked our neglected yard. Then he watched the crazies so we could do a double date that night. And he only wanted to be compensated with a Subway sandwhich. What a great kid!
So they headed back on Saturday morning, and my kids were so sad all day long-(sleep deprivation from the late nights intensifies the hard to say goodbye thing, apparently) So we put them to bed at 6 pm that night. Daniel ran out to grab a few groceries that night, while I cleaned up from our wild week. He seemed to be gone a while, but I wasnt too worried.  

Until he called me.     

And told me that he had been arrested.
My heart stopped beating for a few seconds and I asked him what had happened. He told me he had taken some garbage to dispose of (we thought that garbage day would be thrown off from the holiday and missed it, therefore had a full trash can) and some cops caught him, searched his car and found his gun, and then cuffed him.
So I freak out, imagining him at the county jail in an orange jumpsuit sitting by some smelly scruffy drunk druggie, trying to figure out how I can get over there to get him as my kids are in bed. Plus there is no way I can come up with enough bail money to get him out. Then I am thinking they will have impounded his car, so we are gonna have to come up with more money to get that back.  And then I am wondering if he is gonna have to go to court for something, and we will have to pay some lawyers fees on top of it all.
But back to the first problem;
Daniel, in jail.
How to get him out.
SO I ask him- "what should we do?"

Daniel replies, "just kidding."


My dearest darling Daniel is in BIG trouble now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Polar Express II


Last  year we went up to Williams to take the kids on the Polar Express. We had such a magical time that we decided to do it again this year. Us Yumians are not used to the cold! We froze our little noses off, but it was well worth it. The oldest 3 were so excited by every little thing- from the hot chocolate to the lights of the north pole, and of course the sleigh bells from Santa! Ben, being the not-yet-2 year old that he is, wasnt too interested in much besides trying to crawl in between the the seats. What really surprised me though was how excited Daniel was this year. You know how Buddy the Elf gets so excited at the department store when they announce Santas coming? Daniel acted just like that when Santa came dancing down the aisle. (I lied. It wasnt Daniel....... it was me.) Daniel was humiliated that his rapidly aging wife started acting like a 4 year old, jumping up and down to see the jolly old fat man. What can I say? I am a kid at heart- especially at Christmas time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Run Daniel Run

My dearest darling Daniel ran his first official half marathon today. Being the supporting wife that I am, I chose to do this post instead of being at the finish line to cheer him on. I can admit it, I am a schmuck.
He did really well, except at mile 10 when he puked. 4 TIMES! Poor poor Daniel. But after the contents of his stomach were spewed on the side of the road, he jumped back in and finished the race. "What a man, what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!" Way to go hun!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So good news. I didnt die. But it sure feels like I have been through heck. Surgery is not fun. In my naive little mind I figured this would be a walk in the park; get knocked out, sliced open, and super glued back up, followed by a little groggy discomfort, but that I would be up and about the next day. Yeah, thats not really the case. I feel like I was hit by a bus. I dont recall anything after I talked to the anesthesiologist. I dont know how I got home or up in bed. I only know that I was puking my guts out that night. Yesterday I could barely move. Anytime one of the kids came to give me a hug my body was screaming in agony. So not fun. Today the pain is less severe. I can actually breathe without every bone and muscle in excruciating pain. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be as good as new.
So the morning of my surgery I was telling the kids that Daddy would be taking care of them that night and that they needed to be his big helpers and yada yada. Their curious minds had a zillion questions for me. Tyler wanted to know if I was gonna die. Then he wanted to know if it was gonna hurt. He also wanted to know how they would get my guts back inside after they cut me open. Kylie was worried about the fact I would be on drugs. After all we dont do drugs. She also wanted to know if they would be able to see my skeleton. And then was worried about me bleeding to death. After the kids were reassured, Ty just had one last concern; he wanted to make sure daddy would play lego star wars with him that afternoon. Such a major concern, dont you think?
So now that this little ordeal is done, I need to express my deepest thanks for the many offers of help and support, for the well wishes, and the prayers. I am so thankful for such amazing friends and loved ones! You're all the best!

Friday, November 6, 2009

No worries

My lovely surgery is scheduled for Monday. And while I know its not a big deal, signing away my life at both pre-ops has me just a tad nervous. My Dr tells me he has never had a patient die during surgery, but then I reminded him that he hadnt  had a patient with a rogue IUD before either. He tells me it should be a quick surgery, says it should take less than 15 minutes. Of course, last month when he did some procedure to find the IUD it was only suppose to take 5 minutes, but ended up being more like 45.  And of course in all the paper work that one needs to read and sign, it says "risks include: infection, bleeding, nerve injury,altered personality(just kidding about that one) blood clots, heart attack, pneumonia and need for additional surgery." That is followed with "These risks are serious and possibly fatal." So I have to ask myself- am I feeling lucky?

I get to starve myself for a good twelve hours before surgery, and then they tell me that I most likely will be puking from the anesthesia once I come to a state of conciousness. Not my preferred choice of dieting. I am also not allowed to wear make-up the day of the surgery. Not that I wear a lot anyway, but what I do use is kinda vital for the sake of humanity.  Yes, I am vain- but really- I feel naked without it.

My post-op care instructions tell me that I will need to avoid activities that require much concentration. I guess I will need an interpreter to understand what my Bennie-boy wants/needs/ or is trying to say. Also, it says I shouldnt lift objects such as laundry and kids until the incision heals. So I might need to hire and nanny and a maid for 2 weeks. I am also told to avoid going up and down the stairs for the first 2 days. How is that suppose to work exactly- especially at nap time and bed time since all the bedrooms are upstairs?

My Dr asked me if I want to keep the IUD once he removes it, you know to frame and hang on our wall. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or entertained by that question.

Anyway- since I most likely wont be blogging until after this event, I want to say (in case I happen to be one of the 1 in 1,000 who dies from surgery)  my dear friends, family/relatives and  that one blurker that reads my blog from the ukraine,  I love you all! Seriously I do. My life has been blessed by each of you. And please dont let Daniel sell any of the kids if I dont make it through.  OH- and since I am not the bigger person- dont encourage Daniel to get married again cuz HE IS MINE!  Not only am I a tad dramatic- I am also a tad possessive.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spooktacular Week

I like where we live. Mostly. But I really really dont like being so far away from my family. I miss getting together with my siblings and celebrating birthdays and holidays and having FHE with everyone. But I mostly miss my mom and dad and the interaction they could have with my kids. My mom, being the cutest grandma that she is, decided that since we couldnt go trick or treating at grandmas house, she would trick or treat us with a fantastic little haunted house kit. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. So that started out our spooktacular week of celebrating.
This past week we hit the pumpkin patch and the kids picked out their pumpkins. We made the haunted houses, we made spiders and bats and hung them above the table. We made spooky cupcakes with ghosts, spiders and eyeballs. We carved out some seriously awesome jack-o-lanterns, and we hit the trunk or treat and loaded up on lots of cavity inducing candy. It was a party all week long.
But now as Halloween is officially over, it is time for CHRISTMAS!!!! We've got the tree out and its my goal to have it up and decorated before the day is through. The rest of this week will include me getting the rest of the house decked out in its holiday glory. And just so you know, I'm not skipping over Thanksgiving... its included in my Holiday celebrations, as the greatest blessing we have is the Son of God, his birth, his life, his example, his perfect love, his mercy, and his Atonement.. Without Him all other blessings wouldnt really be possible.  To me, this month and next is all about celebrating Him. Thats why its my favorite time of the year. All the songs, all the decorations, all the gifts --it all ties into Him.