Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite sound in the world!


There are so many times a day when my kids do or say something and I think I need to write that down, but I never do and I quickly forget. I am having a difficult time staying on top of much of anything lately so the blog, as much as I want to record different thoughts or events or happenings going on at this stage in our life, just gets put on the back burner. And I usually feel guilty but I have decided to stop with the guilt and just do it when I can, whether it be once every few weeks, once a month or once every few months...just a long as i don't give up all together. That is my new goal.
So a few weeks ago, I was doing a million loads of laundry but had failed to notice there was a tare in a specific part of the washing machine which caused it to leak. Since I had piles of bedding and blankets on the floor in the laundry room, they absorbed the water and I didn't recognize the problem until the damage had been done. the leak leaked under the walls and went into the hallway where we have the laminate wood flooring, and man o man did it warp it and warp it good. blasted all. I really don't like it when things like this happen. And the good for nothing home warranty doesn't cover it, nor did they cover the washing machine, but Daniel being Mr Awesome, googled around and found out how to solve the problem without having to call a repair man and without getting ripped off for something that he ended up doing himself without it costing the bank. Now we just need to save up so we can replace the dang laminate, and hopefully convince the other Mr Awesome(aka my dad) to help us out with that one of the times we get lucky enough to have him come down here for a visit.
So I love veggies. LOVE them. And one of the things I miss about my beloved UT summers is the garden produce each year. anyway when we moved in we were a little behind in the AZ growing season not to mention I was very preggo and Daniel was super busy trying to figure out all the new system and stuff with his work. SO we didn't get my garden planted. But we had some friends over not too long ago and they had mentioned that they were getting ready to put in their garden for this next growing season, and Daniel, bless his heart, made the preparations happen so we finally have our own little garden. After years of being married, I am so excited that we finally are trying out our green thumb in this desert. I don't know much about gardening in AZ, but from what I have googled and read, hopefully our little garden will bring forth many fruits and we can have those fresh garden veggies that I have been longing for for 10 years! And its been so exciting to see the seeds we planted have sprouted! I cant even tell you how much joy this brings me! And its been so fun with the kids cuz they get so excited too. Bennie and James have been my little helpers in the morning when we go out to check on the progress and water it all.
My sweet Joshy boy has gone from being a great little sleeper to being a terrible one. He is up at least 2  times during the night and wont be pacified,and even during the day he isn't taking any decent naps. It is driving me bonkers as I feel like I am back tracking instead of  progressing. I am not sure if it is cuz his little gums are bothering him as he is still teething, but whatever it is, these past 3 weeks have been brutal. I feel like a zombie and anytime I sit down, I have to fight to stay awake and my brain is getting that fuzzy feeling where i don't remember much or loose my train of thought a million times a day. Poor little dude. and due to the lack of sleep, I have been off my running routine and i was getting in a good zone there for a while but now I feel like I couldn't even walk those 4 miles even if I was able to drag my old bones out of bed before I absolutely have to in order to get the kids ready for school on time. Not cool. I need the mental clarity/ meditation that I get while running.  Joshy has started with the baby cereals. I was hoping that would help him sleep through the night again, but nope. No such luck. He loves the stuff though. He gets so darn excited and impatient between each bite. (Oh and grandma, if Daniel can figure it out, there is a little video clip of him laughing that i will try to have him post on here for you.)

Kylie had her birthday a few weeks back, Ty has his next week, and James has his a little over a week after that, so we are in full birthday mode over here. We started the tradition a few years back where Daniel takes the kids out for lunch on their birthdays. It cracks me up how excited they get for that. They sure love any one on one time with that guy. Cant say I blame them though. I feel the same way!

And now I end. there was more that I was gonna write, but the baby has awoken from his way too short nap, so my times up.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't know how much time I have before my little one wakes up, but I'm gonna try to do a quick post to jot down some of our happenings.

A few weeks ago, James was climbing on the counter getting into one of the cupboards and fell and landed on the side of his head. James is my tough kid,and usually when he gets hurt, he hardly ever cries. If he is bleeding he'll come tell me he needs a band aid, but doesn't make a big deal of it. At times when something really painful happens, he still only cries for like a minute or 2, but is back to being his busied-bodied self almost instantly. So when he cried for a good 45 minutes until he cried himself to sleep, I knew he was hurting pretty badly. I wasn't sure what to do. so i just watched him and let him sleep--this is extremely odd behavior for James- he NEVER falls asleep during the day. i have to argue with him a million times over to get him to sleep at night. This kid doesn't like to sleep. but he feel asleep and woke up and cried and would fall asleep again and then wake up and cry and fall asleep and wake up and cry. After a few hours, he woke up told me he felt all better, but then 5 minutes later he puked and puked and puked. He proceeded to puke every hour or 2 for the next 24 hours. I had him take sips of vitamin water, just to keep some electrolytes in him, but everything kept coming up. We had our friend check him out cuz I couldn't decide if he should be seen, or even if there was anything the hospital could do, so I sought his medical expertise. He confirmed that he had a concussion, but since James wasn't disoriented and forgetting things, he said he would probably just keep  an eye on him and if he started acting confused or disoriented, then to take him in. So we were up all night with the pukes and had to cancel our weekend plans cuz he was still puking that morning, but finally almost exactly 24 hour later, the puking stopped. He just went around sporting a colorful black eye for a little over a week. Crazy.
Kylie has started back in with piano. It's been a little while since she played cuz her teacher from last year had a baby in February, and due to all the craziness we had going on at that time, we just put piano on the back burner. But now that we've gotten into a new routine, an awesome new teacher ended up squeezing Kylie in and she and I are both very happy about that. Kylie wanted to have a birthday party this year, and since she's only had one other friend bday party in her life, I figured I better let her while the parties are fun and easy.  my baby girl is turning 9 next week. it kind of blows my mind to think about that. Anyway Kylie has a little knack for planning and organizing things. So she planned most of everything and i think it ended up being really fun. She chose an ice cream theme and had games and activities and treats all tied into her little theme, and even her little treat bags to give to her friends were filled with ice-cream themed knick-knacks. It makes me laugh cuz I am soooo not like that. I don't  pull things together in such an organized connective way, so I'm wondering where this little part of her came from. oh i love my girl!
Bennieboozie has just been growing up so much lately. at the end of each day Daniel and I just get such a kick telling each other things he has said or done. we honestly adore this little kid. When I get home from running in the morning, he is the only one usually awake, and he runs up to me and as he is giving me a hug, in his cute little voice says,"good mowning mommy!" I seriously live for that little greeting. It is so freaking cute cuz his whole face just lights up and his little voice just melts my heart. If I had to choose one word to describe my Bennie, it would be "delightful."
Toast has been learning cursive in school and man do I love his handwriting. It is better than mine-(which isn't hard to be better than, my handwriting is chicken scratch). But yeah, his handwriting is just looking awesome. He has been into writing his own stories and illustrating them lately. This kid has some awesome illustrating and writing skillz! His birthday is a little short of 2 weeks after Kylies, and he is looking forward to being 8. But since his b-day falls in that last week of the month, and since Conference is that 1st weekend in October, he has to wait until November to be baptized. He is kind of disappointed, but I told him he gets to go to cub scouts and doesn't have to wait  a month for that, so he is looking forward to starting that.
Joshy is just growing so darn fast. He has been teething for a few weeks, and soaks his clothes all day with his drool. I'm hoping those teeth  break through soon cuz Daniel and I can both tell his little gums are bothering him. Poor dude. He had his 4 month well check and is at 13 lbs. Little chubba bubba. That's like 2 lbs a month, so he's right on where he is suppose to be. He is at such a fun stage, minus the teething, and is so smiley and laughs all the time and talks his little sounds. He has been scooting himself when he does tummy time, so I'm thinking this kid is gonna be one pro-active kid. He will start at one edge of his blanket and end up on the other side in a matter of a few minutes cuz he pushes his little feet against the floor and scoots his way along. He is a strong little guy, no doubt about it.
I have certain traditional baby pictures that I do with all my kids, and i had his done when we were up in Utah this summer, but when we got home, I noticed the direction and the background weren't the way I wanted, so we went to San Diego for a quick trip and redid them. I love the way they turned out. His little personality just shines through.
James and Ben have gotten back into their mischievous routines-(i thought we were finally getting past that stage, but I thought wrong)- and last week when I was putting the baby down for his nap, they were playing quietly with their army men, but when I came out-(seriously like 15 minutes later) they had dumped several containers of salt ALL over the house---seriously in every room and down all the hallways and all over the kitchen.It was a MESS! I asked them what in the world they were thinking, and they told me their army men need some sand. Nice. That was so not fun to clean up especially considering I had already cleaned the house from top to bottom earlier that day.
So I teach in young womens in our ward. Honestly I am a terrible terrible teacher, but I do really love the girls in our ward. Anyway I had planned my lesson a few weeks ago, and had made some cookies to go along with a little story.  We are the second ward to meet on Sundays, so I couldn't put the cookies in the yw room as the other ward was in there, so I put them and my lesson stuff in the kitchen, and then went to get them right before yw started. I had made lots of cookies so that each girl could have several if she so cared to, but when I got into the kitchen, someone had been into the kitchen, decided to check to see what was hidden under the foil covering my heaping plate of cookies, and decided to help themselves. I was kind of ticked but was laughing cuz who does that? "oh look, here's a foil covered plate behind a basket full of obvious lesson material, I'm gonna go ahead and check someone elses stuff out. oh look, it's a heaping pile of cookies, I'm going to stand here and eat a good portion of them and hope whoever put them here doesn't need them, or notice that i ate over half of them." i mean really...who does that?

Thursday afternoon, our city and several other city's in the surrounding area lost power. And of course we are in September so the temperatures are still high above the 100 degree mark. I think we were around 113 that day, so to lose the power means no a/c and no fans. Not cool. Our house heated up really quickly. Since it effected the entire town, Daniels office was  also without power, so he finished up with a client by flashlight, but couldn't do anything without lights and his computer after that, so he came home. That was awesome to have him home earlier than usual, but by then we were all starting to feel the effects of a hot house and no relief in sight. Daniel quickly went through our 72 hour kits and got flashlights and candles so we would be able to have a little light when the sun went down, but there was nothing we could think of for dinner that didn't involve heating it up, so our kids had chips and salsa. awesome dinner i tell you. geez. anyway we gave the kids their baths by candlelight, and then tried to get them to sleep but they were all pretty grouchy and our house was well into the 90 degree temps and that's so dang hot to try to sleep with. Daniel decided to make a quick trip to the store to get some ice so that we could try to keep our refrigerated food from spoiling, but said he couldn't even pull in to the parking lot cuz it was completely crammed with cars, and people. But thank the heavens, power was restored a little after 9 that night. I don't think I will be saying a prayer without expressing my extreme gratitude for power and a/c  ever again!

and my baby just woke up, so i end.