Friday, September 23, 2011


There are so many times a day when my kids do or say something and I think I need to write that down, but I never do and I quickly forget. I am having a difficult time staying on top of much of anything lately so the blog, as much as I want to record different thoughts or events or happenings going on at this stage in our life, just gets put on the back burner. And I usually feel guilty but I have decided to stop with the guilt and just do it when I can, whether it be once every few weeks, once a month or once every few months...just a long as i don't give up all together. That is my new goal.
So a few weeks ago, I was doing a million loads of laundry but had failed to notice there was a tare in a specific part of the washing machine which caused it to leak. Since I had piles of bedding and blankets on the floor in the laundry room, they absorbed the water and I didn't recognize the problem until the damage had been done. the leak leaked under the walls and went into the hallway where we have the laminate wood flooring, and man o man did it warp it and warp it good. blasted all. I really don't like it when things like this happen. And the good for nothing home warranty doesn't cover it, nor did they cover the washing machine, but Daniel being Mr Awesome, googled around and found out how to solve the problem without having to call a repair man and without getting ripped off for something that he ended up doing himself without it costing the bank. Now we just need to save up so we can replace the dang laminate, and hopefully convince the other Mr Awesome(aka my dad) to help us out with that one of the times we get lucky enough to have him come down here for a visit.
So I love veggies. LOVE them. And one of the things I miss about my beloved UT summers is the garden produce each year. anyway when we moved in we were a little behind in the AZ growing season not to mention I was very preggo and Daniel was super busy trying to figure out all the new system and stuff with his work. SO we didn't get my garden planted. But we had some friends over not too long ago and they had mentioned that they were getting ready to put in their garden for this next growing season, and Daniel, bless his heart, made the preparations happen so we finally have our own little garden. After years of being married, I am so excited that we finally are trying out our green thumb in this desert. I don't know much about gardening in AZ, but from what I have googled and read, hopefully our little garden will bring forth many fruits and we can have those fresh garden veggies that I have been longing for for 10 years! And its been so exciting to see the seeds we planted have sprouted! I cant even tell you how much joy this brings me! And its been so fun with the kids cuz they get so excited too. Bennie and James have been my little helpers in the morning when we go out to check on the progress and water it all.
My sweet Joshy boy has gone from being a great little sleeper to being a terrible one. He is up at least 2  times during the night and wont be pacified,and even during the day he isn't taking any decent naps. It is driving me bonkers as I feel like I am back tracking instead of  progressing. I am not sure if it is cuz his little gums are bothering him as he is still teething, but whatever it is, these past 3 weeks have been brutal. I feel like a zombie and anytime I sit down, I have to fight to stay awake and my brain is getting that fuzzy feeling where i don't remember much or loose my train of thought a million times a day. Poor little dude. and due to the lack of sleep, I have been off my running routine and i was getting in a good zone there for a while but now I feel like I couldn't even walk those 4 miles even if I was able to drag my old bones out of bed before I absolutely have to in order to get the kids ready for school on time. Not cool. I need the mental clarity/ meditation that I get while running.  Joshy has started with the baby cereals. I was hoping that would help him sleep through the night again, but nope. No such luck. He loves the stuff though. He gets so darn excited and impatient between each bite. (Oh and grandma, if Daniel can figure it out, there is a little video clip of him laughing that i will try to have him post on here for you.)

Kylie had her birthday a few weeks back, Ty has his next week, and James has his a little over a week after that, so we are in full birthday mode over here. We started the tradition a few years back where Daniel takes the kids out for lunch on their birthdays. It cracks me up how excited they get for that. They sure love any one on one time with that guy. Cant say I blame them though. I feel the same way!

And now I end. there was more that I was gonna write, but the baby has awoken from his way too short nap, so my times up.
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Megan said...

Would you please please call me so I can hold sweet little baby while you catch some Zzzzs sometime? PUHLEEZ!?! I so remember those tired days. I also really miss a little baldy head to kiss on sometimes. I'm not proud, I will keep begging if you want me to. ;)

Beverly said...

Megan, you are so cute!! Wish I was there as well. His eyes are so huge! Love the garden. You will be eating veggies while we are knee deep in snow.

Sabra said...

I'm married to another Mr. Awesome if you need him to do the floor.

Tina said...

Definitely stop with the guilt. Your hands are so full!

It is fun to catch up with your posts a little bit. Your kids are so cute, and your garden looks great!