Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad luck

"Seven years' bad-- Ooh! Luck. That's what it is. Besides, you broke your mother's mirror"--movie trivia?

We have had a bit of bad luck lately- It started off with my mirror breaking.(hence the quote) and then my blow-dryer, the iron, my laptop-(which thankfully Daniel was able to fix) followed by my cell phone, the universal remote, and now my camera. Nothing too serious of course, except the camera. It broke yesterday as we were trying to take pictures of our birthday boy. Poor kid didnt have that great of a day. His sister woke him up before 6 am to check out his presents, which he was excited for until he started the pukes. So he spent the next several hours feeling pretty yucky. He did start to feel a little better close to bedtime, so we went ahead with his celebration, but who likes spending their birthday puking?
So I am hoping that we dont have a 7 year run of bad luck but rather a 7 things of bad luck cuz then our debt is paid. Heres to hoping this week is a lucky one!


Julie said...

Robin Hood???? Bummer. . . no one should have to be sick on their birthday. I agree, debt paid.

Cook Zoo said...

Oh man, that IS bad luck to have all those things break at once. And to be sick on your birthday.


So is November too cold for San Diego??

Deb said...

Robin Hood for sure!!!

I agree, no one should have to be sick on their birthday. Especially the way I view Birthday's.I always want to be treated like a princess on my birthday. Can't do that when you are puking.

Two years ago I was puking on Thanksgiving. It was so depressing. All that YUMMY FOOD and I couldn't eat any of it.

Tina said...

I hope 7 things pays it seems like more than enough!

alison said...

Poor little guy, I was always sick on holidays and b-days until I was like 12, I think I made my self sick with excitement and anticipation or something, it was so sad though. Hope he still managed to have a good one.