Friday, June 20, 2008

Google Tag

My friend Donna tagged me google style-
(one needs to answer using images found on google)
here goes

1-Age on next b-day

2-Place I want to visit

Daniel proposed to me on a gondola ride at the Venetian, and since then, we want to go on a gondola ride in Italy. Daniel also wants to go just so he can quote a particular movie line from Only You

And Hawaii-I went to Hawaii with my family 10 years ago, but I really want to go back with Daniel

3-My favorite thing

I really have to limit myself cuz I have lots and lots of favorites

He is number 1-(Can you tell I am really missing him?)

Everything about Christmas, the feeling, the sounds, the smells, the looks, the tastes- EVERYTHING-

No explanation needed

Sunsets and sunrises

I love spring and I LOVE Tulips

and the list goes on and on, but like I said-I am limiting myself

4-my favorite food

Grilled Chicken salad

And garden fresh vegetables

And mint chocolate chip ice-cream

5-favorite place

Any place with Daniel, but especially here

6- Favorite color

7-Nicknames I've had

Obviously this

And these: beeper, beeper doo, doo bug, beeper fetching doo(BFD), beeper doo bug,

In order to understand this one you need to see the movie Hello Again

And my nephews call me this

8-my first job

(Besides babysitting and picking raspberries)
(I hated this movie)

9-College Major

I have all the pre-reqs, but got married and had Ky before I applied for the program, so its what I was gonna do, but not what I want to do anymore.

10-Concerts I've been to

Twice on this one-it was AMAZING!

I love his voice!!!

This one was super fun

And them

And even though its not a concert, I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS-

(I love musicals and my favorites I have seen: Les Miserables, Phantom(3 times), Hello Dolly(starring Carol Channing), Secret Garden, Sound of Music, Hairspray, & Beauty & the Beast.)

And Finally 10- name of past/present pet

I am not a pet person-

Wow- thats a long one
So-I tag Christie, Kristy, Allison, Laura, Tina, Sabra, and Brie!


Deb said...

That was very fun reading and learning a little more about you. I had mixed feelings about the movie waitress, but the end made up for the movie and I actually ended up liking it.

Kristy said...

I loved reading this! I learned some stuff I didn't know, you've been to way more concerts that I have! But I'm right there with you on Wicked! Love it!

Tina said...

Google tag is a new one for me.

Looks like fun did a great job answering....:)

Cook Zoo said...

Oooh, I love this! You did a good job. :) I can't believe you found "Kimmus" on a church billboard. What the heck does that mean? LOL. I keep hearing so many good things about Wicked (the play, not the book). I really want to go see it! :)