Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a little over 3 minutes to watch, but the messages are pretty darn motivational.


Cook Zoo said...

That was wonderful. It's very comforting to know, that regardless of what troubles we may have to live through, all we have to do is plant our hearts firmly in the Gospel, and keep Christ close to our hearts. That's something we can do no matter what else is going on around us. Thanks for this.

(I'm trying not to be too sad about the fact that we would have been driving down to see you right now - but I don't think I'm being successful...)

Deb said...

That really was inspriational. The first part reminded me of how truly special I am. I need daily reminders of my divine role and purpose here on earth. The rest of it made me a little scared and made me realize that I need to do and be more commited to the gospel. I liked the part that said a casual relationship with the gospel isn't enough.

that video made me cry(but what doesn't right?)

Sabra said...

Thank you.