Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer lovin

Last week Kylie came home in tears on her last day of school. My mind rushed through a zillion different worries as to why, but I had to laugh when she was able to tell me through her sobs. "I, sob, am, sob, going, sob, to, sob, miss, sob, my, sob, teacher, sob, so, sob, much, sob!" I was worried she had gotten hurt, or left something behind or that someone said something mean- but she was just worried that she was never going to see her teacher again. She is such a tender heart.
We started our first day of summer break with a bang. Well actually the barfs. Kylie and James woke up in the night puking. Lots of fun. And of course it had to do the rounds with everyone else. Thankfully it was a quick bug and this week everyone has been just fine and having lots of fun.
The kids started swim lessons again. Their teacher reminds me of my little brother John. The kids have lots of fun with him, unless he tries to make them swim in the deep end. Kylie keeps telling him, "I'm gonna die if you make me swim over there." Love the drama!
Ty has just taken off with his reading lately, and thats been such fun. I love how excited he gets when he finishes a book. He is really looking forward to Kindergarten in a few short weeks. I am just hoping he wont have a power struggle with his teacher though. ;)
Jamesy has been a chatter box as of late, which cracks me up cuz he says the funniest things. My favorite is his new reply to knock knock jokes. Kylie and Ty love hearing James talk and for the past few months they do knock knock jokes with him. But I think he got sick of it cuz the other day when one of them started with the "knock, knock?" James got a scowl on his face and said, "I'm NOT HERE!" My other favorite thing is that he sporadically yells out, "WHAT THE HECK!" I guess I need to watch my expressions a little more closely cuz it sounds so bad coming out of his little mouth in the middle of sacrament meeting.
Bennie-boy has taken a little longer than the other kids to get feeling better, so he has just been my snuggle bug all week long. He is usually pretty snugly anyway, but even more so when he isnt feeling good. He is loving having Kylie home during the day, and when he isnt snuggling me, he snuggles with her.
Anyway the kids are loving summer vacation. We have been doing different activities to keep them busy each day. Besides their chores, workbooks, reading, and swim lessons, we have designated each day with a different activity-ie: Monday is music day, Tuesdays is library day, Wednesday is baking day, Thursday is craft day, and Fridays is Rain-o-lean day. So far so good. We are looking forward to the coming weeks, most especially the BR Hall Fam Reunion!


Deb said...

Smith did the same crying thing on the last day of school, except he threw a ridiculous tantrum at school infront of his whole class, their parents and the teacher. It was slightly embarrassing. Everyone kept coming up to me and asking me what was wrong. I have to admit I cried a little on the last day of school too, but I don't think anybody noticed. (:

Do your kids do year round school? An what exactly is it that you do on Fridays?

Kristy said...

We are so excited to see you guys soon!

Stacie Robinson said...

Love the phrases that come out of their mouths! They are always listening.

Cook Zoo said...

Love your pictures!! Kylie is such a sweetie. I like your theme days idea! What's Rain-o-lean day?

P.S. Did you get my email about San Diego?

Tina said...

Kylie was so sweet on that last day of school. She about broke my heart!

Good for you keeping some structure to your summer days. Your kids will know what they did! If you ask Riley what she has done this summer she will probably get a puzzled look and say she doesn't know.....