Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick little family reunion

We headed out on the open road last weekend, and got to spend conference and Easter with my dear family. What a trip. Daniel worked around the clock in order to take off a few days, but we are thankful he did so we could spend that time with family. We are usually home for most holidays and such, so it was nice to celebrate with everyone for a change.
My sweet mom watched the kids for us for a few hours on Friday, so Daniel and I could go to the temple. We havent been to the temple in a very very very long time. One thing I think we took for granted when we lived in mesa was the fact the temple was so close and one could easily find a babysitter for a couple of hours, but now its almost an entire day to go, so we havent been able to. That was so refreshing to go and spend that time with Daniel. We got married in that temple and have only been back once since, so it was fun to sit in the celestial room and reminisce about one of our favorite days.
Saturday we colored Easter eggs with a few of the cousins that were also staying at grandmas. unfortunately i didnt quite boil the darn eggs long enough, so we had 2 dozen runny gooey eggs. My bad. But the kids had fun coloring them anyway.
Saturday night we walked outside to a silent snowfall, and woke up to a winter wonderland. I am all about winter wonderlands and glorious snowfalls.... for Christmas. Easter I want tulips, green grass and BLUE skies. It was FREEZING! So we had to do the Easter egg hunt in grandmas basement. The kids had a blast and found all the eggs in a matter of a few minutes, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day eating candy. We are just trying to do our part to help the dentists of the world.
After watching the uplifting and encouraging conference sessions, everyone of my siblings came over to grandmas house for Easter dinner. It was chaos, but it was so nice to sit and visit with my brothers and sister(s). And we finally nailed down the date for the official Hall family reunion this year. So exciting!
One very special treat about this trip was meeting our newest neice Olivia. She is soo beautiful. She made me even more baby hungry for my own baby girl. I absolutely love her guts. Her already back to her prebaby size mommy(no fair lala- if i didnt love you, I'd have to hate you-) had her decked out in the cutest little outfit, tights and headbow. I wish I had a picture, cuz she seriosuly is just the cutest.
I love being with my family, but after getting to see everyone I am always so sad to be back home, so far away, knowing it'll be months before I get to be with them again. (Hear the violins yet.....cry me a river... I'm very talented at whining :))
So we got back late Monday night, and found a few pictures knocked off our walls, and a few other things out of place and knocked over. Apparently we missed an earthquake while we were gone. we were so thankful that it was minor.
So now we are trying to enjoy the last little bit of spring break. Oh how we missed the sunshine and warm weather. Gotta enjoy it while we can before we are all dying from the heat. say 3 weeks or so?


Laura Hall said...

Well Olive sure loved meeting her aunt and being so loved and cuddled! And just to inform you, I most certainly AM NOT but wish I was at my prebaby size. But it was quite nice of you to say that!

Deb said...

That really does sound like a lovely Easter weekend. I'm glad you got to go spend some time with your family.

Your kids look so big in those pictures and your daughters hair is sooo long. I wish Adelaide would grow her hair out like that, but she refuses.

Anyway - happy Easter.

Brenda said...

Hi Kimmy!

I'm so glad you were able to be with your family over Easter!
It looks like FUN! I remember those fun days of traveling to Utah for Holidays to be with family. I can relate! Welcome HOME!

Tina said...

You are starting to sound like you don't hate it here, when you say you missed the sunshine and warm weather. :)

We are glad you enjoyed some time with your family, AND we are glad that you are back.


It is always nice to have a fun visit with family. And I so know what you are talking about with living near the temple and taking it for granted. When we lived in Mesa, we hardly went. And we have never lived near one since. Being younger then, I don't think we appreciated the temple like we do now. We live only about 20 minutes away from one now, but it is only in the most dangerous city in the world right now (Juarez, Mexico). So we can't wait for the one in Thatcher to be finished next month! So everytime we go visit Brandon's parents, we will have free babysitting and get to go to the temple. We have been craving it for months! Glad you and Danny Boy got to go when in Utah!