Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just our luck.

I wasn't planning on blogging until we are settled into our new house, but as i need some family history written, I'm breaking my own rule. Not that it was really a rule, more like I knew going into all of our planned projects I wasn't gonna have much time on my hands. But unplanned for things need to be noted in out little blog journal.
So my mom and dad traveled down last weekend to help us with our house. My mom had to fly back Sunday as she had to be back to work Monday, but my dad is staying until we get all our projects done. Can I just say I am sooooo extremely beyond grateful for my dad. The fact that he is down here helping us, applying all his knowledge and expertise to help us renovate our home just moves me to tears. He is just so great.
Anyway we have made excellent progress and hope to be able to move in sometime next week. So I am obviously sporting a very pregnant belly, and as such am kind of limited in what I actually can do to help with the renovating. But I took the kiddies over to the new house and let them "play" while I did what I could. After working for only 2 hours or so James came in crying. Now James is my toughest kid. With as wild/adventurous as he is, the kid gets banged up, but never cries about it. So I knew from the cry that he was obviously hurt, and sure enough I could see his collarbone poking underneath his skin at an odd angle. I asked him what happened and he said he "fell from his imaginary ladder when it turned into crumbs." Huh. Imaginary ladder? turning into crumbs? this kid has such an interesting imagination. But I'm still trying to figure out what happened. where is this imaginary ladder? it has to be somewhere, cuz collar bones don't just end up poking out at odd angles cuz of imaginary ladders, do they?
So I called the nurse, and by the time she called me back, James was happy as could be on to his next adventure acting like his normal self, so she said to just watch him and if it got worse to bring him to the ER. James continued to act just fine, until he tripped and then was afraid to move his arm, so I knew I needed to get him checked out, but I refuse to go to the ER if I can help it. After the ridiculous fees we were charge and the run around and hoops we had to jump through the last time I ended up in the ER I didn't want to deal with that again, so I took him to the urgent care instead.

So when we finally saw the Dr, he started poking around james's collarbone area, and James, being the tough boy he is didn't cry, winced slightly and calmly replied, "ow." It cracked me up. What kind of kid calmly says "ow" when a Dr is poking around your broken bone. Well we didn't know it was broken, but it was obviously out of place. Anyway they did an xray and sure enough he broke his clavicle. SO since they cant set and cast that bone, they gave him a little sling and sent us on our way with the instructions he isn't suppose to use that arm or move his should around until it heals on its own. Yeah, that's proving to be impossible. James has been climbing, jumping, punching, hammering... you name it. I tell him over and over not to use that arm, but he is just so busy and active and wild that I don't think it will ever heal. 

Daniel and I are kind of laughing thinking about the timing of it all. our boys are wild. And its really been miraculous that none of them have had any broken bones before now, but of course it has to happen when we are trying to get all these projects done. I'm kinda feeling like a lousy mom cuz I was just letting them do their own thing, so I could get stuff done, but look where that got me. Blasted all. But that's life. Gives you some curve balls at inconvenient times. But at least it wasn't worse. I just gotta try to figure how to keep this kid from using his arm for several weeks. Any suggestions?


Sabra said...

Did we figure out the ladder turning to crumbs bit?

Kimmy said...

Sabe, we are still very perplexed with the ladder/crumbs thing. Gotta love a little boys mind eh?

Stacie Robinson said...

Good luck with that. All I can think of is taking him back to the doctors and putting him in a full upperbody cast because there is no way you are going to get him to stop moving.

Deb said...

Oh my, that's crazy! But don't feel like a lousy mom at all. It's sooo not your fault. Kids are just crazy. It probably would've happened even if you were right next to him watching. You know what I mean.

No suggestions from me about not swinging the arm. I mostly use bribery/rewards to get my kids to do what I want, but I don't know exactly how you could work that in, in that situation.

Brenda said...

Boys will be boys! Don't beat yourself up over it. I agree, it can happen right in front of your eyes.

I think it's impossible to have him "hold still" for healing time.
Does that Doctor have any boys in his household?