Friday, November 7, 2008

100 things

This is my 100th post, so I decided to do a hundred things list. Just kidding. I tried that once. But I have been enjoying the stage Ben is in right now oh so much and thought I would jot down 10 things I am really going to miss about the baby stage when my babies are grown.
1- The little sigh babies makes after they sneeze. Oh I love love love it.
2-Snuggling- need I say more?
3-The laugh. Hearing my babies laugh brings me complete joy.
4-The smell after baths. I could sniff them FOREVER.
5-The roly-poly chubs on their legs, and their cute little butts. Only something a baby can pass off as cute.
6-The way they talk. I love the "ba-ba-ba" jibberish.
7-A sleeping baby- I love laying next to my baby and marveling at every precious feature of that face.
8-The way they hold your finger with their little hand, like they never want to let go.
9-The full body stretch when they first wake up.
10- I love when their face lights up instantly when I walk in the room, and they beam at me like I am their favorite person ever.

With that said, I am just gonna add I love being a mother. It brings me a satisfaction and joy like I never knew was possible. Thats not to mean that I dont find it frustrating sometimes. Its hard work, unbelievably hard some days, but truly the most worthwhile thing I am doing. I love these babies I have been blessed with. I honestly dont know how anyone can deny the existence of God after bringing a child into the world. Their spirits radiate with love that can only come from God. And the miraculous birth process anyway should testify that life is God given and so extremely precious. Thats what I feel anyway. -Enough said!


BlairsTown said...

Love your post! My favorite thing about babies are the smiles. It is the puriest and most angelic thing anyone can ever witness. They just radiate, especially their eyes!

alison said...

OHHHHHH I am wanting to cry right now, I miss my babies, I need another one really, really bad. I agree I don't see how anyone could deny the existance of God after bringing such a miracle into the world. Beautiful post~

Brandon and Amanda Gregory said...

Oh what a great post! I love all the baby things too. They grow so fast. I keep on telling Adelynne to stop growing. She isn't listening very well:) Anyways I love all that you said. Being a mom is the greatest gift! Thanks for sharing!

Kristy said...

I'm right with you Kimmy! It is the most wonderful thing there is. I think it's easy to get caught up in all the 'things' that we should be doing, that and trying to handle doing them with kids examples: perfect home, perfect meals, perfect makeup etc... than remembering that those things are trivial and the things we should put our whole heart into is raising and loving our children. And that those things come second. I'm not sure if I expressed that right but I was making bread today and I put in a movie for the girls and I quickly had to catch myself and bring them over to help me make the bread. I have moments like that all the time and sadly probably to always catch myself but I'm sure trying!!

brenda said...

I love your post too! There's nothing better in this world then a BABY! Brian and I have loved going through the baby stages with each one of our kids, and we miss them as babies! There is something pretty incredible about having a baby inside your home, they have a special spirit that nothing else can compare to! My greatest joys in life have been my children! I'm glad that I've been fortunate to be home with my children through the younger years! It all goes way to fast!
It is like the song "The nearest thing to Heaven is a Child".

Deb said...

I love little babies too. They bring such a sweet spirit into the home. I keep asking Ian if when we are done having kids if we can be foster parents for babies. Right now it makes me so sad to think about not having babies in the home. Maybe after one more I'll bee singing a different tune though.

Julie said...

Sweet post. . . I think I'm approaching my 100th post too. I agree that I LOVE the baby bath smell. Its heavenly!! Also, I love how much babies adore their mommies like you said, how their face lights up when you walk in the room. Why can't it be that way when they are teenagers?

Cook Zoo said...

I'm not sure, but I think I'm way over my 100th post. I talk too much!!! :) Anyway, I love this post. I love that baby smell too. And holding them while they're napping. So sweet!!!!

Tina said...

Cute post.

I also love when a baby is really trying to stay awake, but just can't quite do it...not when they are fussy about it, of course.

Christie said...