Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

So my dearest darling Daniel went under the knife today. Well, not knife- more like pliers. I actually dont know what they used, but he got his 4 wisdom teeth pulled. He is now puffy as a chipmunk storing nuts in his mouth. Poor guy. He was a good sport though and even posed for a picture. Lucky for him, he got "put-out" during the procedure, so he remembers nothing.
10 years ago when I got mine yanked out, I was awake the whole time. And I had enormous clamps clamping my jaws open. I had bruises for two weeks following. And mine were all impacted so they went in and busted each tooth then had to dig around to make sure they got every piece. It was pretty traumatic and I still shudder thinking about it.
Toast also lost his first tooth today. He, however, is all smiles. He is strutting around with his chest all puffed out and singing songs of his own making about the tooth fairy, teeth, and storm troopers. Lucky for him he gets to make money off his little extraction, whereas his daddy had to fork over the moolah for his.
Heres to a week of soup, smoothies and smashed potatoes!


Beverly said...

Hey, I like Daniel's new look. It actually makes him look like he might have some meat on his bones. And, way to go, Tyler. I love it! Thanks for his cute picture on my blog--the pictures still won't work, so I am giving up on the blog for awhile. Tell Daniel it could be worse--it could be ensure!

Deb said...

I just had one wisdom tooth removed about a month ago and it took a good two weeks before my face was feeling normal and okay again. I just kept saying, "Man, it's aweful to get one tooth pulled, I have no idea how people get all four pulled at the same time!"

I'll be going in next summer to get the rest of my wisdom teeth taken out. I actually have 5 instead of four so I'll soon know what it's like. So sorry for Daniel. Mouth pain is the worst!!!
And YEAH for Tyler!

Julie said...

Nice timing! Too bad the tooth fairy doesn't take wisdom teeth.

alison said...

Hope he enjoys those soft foods and recovers fast. Tyler looks so cute with that tooth missing! I was definitley not a fan of getting my wisdom teeth out.

Cook Zoo said...

Poor Daniel! I was knocked out when mine were removed too. No WAY was I going to be awake for that!! I totally think the tooth fairy should leave him something under his pillow... a love note perhaps? ;)

Way to go Toast! :)

Kristy said...

Cute pictures! It brings back memories of when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and you had to drive me home from Salt Lake in the little tin can of a white civic. I remember holding on for dear life over the point of the mountain as you whizzed in and out of traffic! It's a miracle you didn't ever get in a crash! It's perfect carma that you married a law abiding driver! We would love to go see the temple lights, I was just thinking about the wonderful things that are coming with the Christmas season and wanting to do that!

Tina said...

I had mine taken out only about a year and a half ago. Not fun!

I was surprised to see Daniel at the movie Thursday night so soon after, but I shouldn't have been...right? He seemed to be doing pretty well.