Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ben-jamin, originally uploaded by kimmusjax.

One year ago my Bennie boy joined our family. I remember the day well. With the other 3 I went to the hospital in labor. This time I was induced. How strange it felt driving to the hospital without having any contractions.
I remember being worried. About 6 weeks before I was induced the Dr. was concerned that my baby wasnt growing. They did an ultrasound and checked him out, and while he looked good, he was smaller than they thought he should be. So they brought me in 2 weeks later and checked him again. He still wasnt growing, so they decided they needed to keep a closer eye on this boy. That meant I got to go to the dr office at least 3 times each week. So much fun. Thank heavens for my dear friend Bree who watched Toast and James for me all those times.
Each week I would have 3 NSt's and two ultrasounds. My Dr told me they would induce me if there wasnt a significant change. But then he went out of town. So I had to see a different Dr for my weekly checkup. Now this guy had no clue as to what was up. He didnt even bother looking through my file before coming in to measure me. And then he measured me several times over as if hoping to get a different result. He tells me that since I was measuring only 34 weeks-(at which point I was 39 weeks) I must only be that far along. So he tells me to come back in 2 weeks. While he was measuring I tried filling him in on what was going on, but apparently he didnt care. I was so upset with that visit. So when I went to check-out the receptionist looked at the Dr notes, looked at me, looked back at the notes and then gave me a puzzled look. I think that was the only thing that made me smile that day. She knew more about me than the dr did.

Anyway- throughout all the tests and visits, Ben wasnt growing, but because his heartrate was good, the fluid levels were good, and his head and body had the right proportions to each other, my Dr decided to let me go to my due date before inducing me. So on the way to the hospital I just kept worrying if Ben was really ok. Daniel gave me a blessing before we went in, and that calmed my nerves, and then the fun started.
The first dr on call at the time was from my drs office but we hadnt met. I was worried about someone else taking care of me due to the visit I had with the other dr the previous week, but she was so great and took the time to look over my chart, and even had some playful banter with Daniel after he passed out.(another delightful memory- Daniel passed out when I got my epidural- I will never let him live that one down. I mean I was the one having a giant needle stuck into my vertebrae and yet he is the one who passed out. good times, good times)
Anyway the dr had the labor inducing drug set at a really low level, so we were there for a while. Then her shift was over and my dr was on call, so he pumped up the drugs, and an hour and a half later my Bennie boy was born.
He weighed in at 6 lbs 5 oz. So with all the hooplah and worry of him not growing, he turned out to be perfect. Heck he was much bigger than Kylie was when she was born and she didnt have any of the drama we had with Ben.
Anyway I am just so grateful that my Ben was and is healthy. I am grateful that he came to our family. I am thankful for the added love he has brought into our home. Like I put in the previous post, he is the snugglebug in the family. The first thing he does when he wakes up every morning is snuggle himself in to Daniel or I, and I just cant get enough. Just the other night we were talking about his name and thought it was very fitting that his middle name is Ray-which we did to honor my Grandpa Lamoreaux, but it is fitting because he is our little ray of sunshine each day. I know that sounds kind a sissy- but he really does light up our lives by his sweet and warm little personality.
Happy Birthday my Bennie-boo. Oh how we love you!!!


Beverly said...

Happy, happy day! I loved being there with you all and sharing that special time! Give him an extra hug from us.

Tina said...

I can't believe it has been a year already. Fun pictures!

Cook Zoo said...

Wow, what a story! I can't wait to see this little munchkin!

Stacie Robinson said...

Wow! I didn't know you went through all of that. So fun that your youngest is now a year!

John and Laura Hall said...

How fun. Happy Birthday little boy! You totally know how I feel, I bet its hard being the only one far away from home! (besides trav)

alison said...

Awww he is already a year old, that is crazy! He is so stinkin cute, I love his b-day pictures. I also love that Daniel passed out as you were getting your epidural, that is priceless! I hear you with the kids and the fighting too, either they are playing great and happy or they are at eachothers throats, I just want a happy medium!!!! Hope you enjoy your last week of spring break. Are you guys goign to the fair?

TAMMY said...

I remember talking with ya'll in the hospital in pospartum. I don't think I had ever heard that Daniel had passed out! I must have missed that story! I can't believe that he was actually in the room when they did the epidural, usually they make them go to the waiting room for that very reason.

Happy Birthday Ben! We are almost there with Theron. I am sad:(