Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday evening we decided to get out of the house a take a little walk around the block. What we noticed after walking outside was that it was really windy, and therefore my kids thought it wasnt "fun." I still enjoyed it though.

While we were walking I noticed how the way my kids walk says a lot about their personalities.

Kylie doesnt like to walk. She runs. Way ahead of everyone. And thats just my Kylie- she takes off. She does that in her learning- she catches on to things really quickly. She also does that in her chores. She just dives in and gets it done. No sense in dilly-dallying.

Toast is just the opposite. He gets so upset that everyone else doesnt take their time. He likes slow and steady. And thats just Toast. He sets his own pace. If I try to prod him along he just stops. This is how he is with his chores. This is how he is with his learning. He just has to do it his way.

James does this funny stomp run and he does it with a huge smile on his face. The stomp I think says a lot about his all boy nature. This kid is no sissy. He is by far the toughest kid of ours. When he bonks or falls or gets hurt in some way, he says "ow" has me kiss it better and goes back to destroy something. The other 3 cry and holler and carry on forever. And he is always laughing at something. He is the ham in the family.

Now Ben didnt walk on our walk, but was carried on his dads shoulders. But as soon as he was up on top of the world, he just snuggled himself right into his dad. Bennie is our snuggle baby. None of the other 3 have loved to snuggle so often and so long. But I think this is his way of sharing his love for us. When Kylie or Ty or James are sad, Ben walks or crawls over to them and just snuggles on them and its like magic- they become their happy selfs again. He is our little love-snugglebug.

I could go on to decipher Daniels walk, but I just tend to notice his fantastic behind and thats a little too much info for a blog.


Sabra said...

You should walk on over to our house. The kids can play in the playhouse while we catch up! Remember when we used to walk?

Julie said...

I love your behavioral analysis of the walking. . . and I LOVED the windy weather--we had it too!

Kristy said...

I love your new family picture! So cute!

alison said...

Vey good analogy! I also love your new family picture! I love the T's missing tooth!