Thursday, September 10, 2009


Anyone interested in buying this kid, here's your chance. I am selling him off to the highest bidder. He is really bright, and has an imagination like no other, he gives the best spontaneous hugs, has the cutest little dimple that can only be seen when he does his mischievous smile, can be extremely thoughtful at times, and has a tender little heart. He is a cute kid, and I love him so much it hurts, but I dont know how to raise this kid. I dont understand the way he thinks and its a challenge, therefore, trying to teach him the do's and donts in the world. (I guess if I made everything related to star wars we might get somewhere, but thats another thing all together.)

So whats prompting this auction you may ask... well today I got a call from none other then his principal informing me that my Tyler was in fact the cause of todays fire alarm chaos at their school. (if you live around here and have young children that go to the same school, they might tell you all about the exciting morning starting with the alarm going off, teachers rushing the students out doors into the blistering heat, the fire trucks and fire men rushing to the school and the confusion and mayhem that ensued as they made sure there really was no fire/emergency.) Lucky for Tyler they cant really incriminate a kindergartner, but unfortunately they know how to make the mother feel like a schmuck cuz of all the kids in the school, mine happens to be the one who caused all of the madness.

And if thats not bad enough, my dearest darling Daniel actually has the gall to laugh when I tell him what went down today and says, "I ALWAYS wanted to do that when I was a kid." Seriously? Thats the way he responds to the crisis. Our sweet little son is marching down the path of trouble maker and he laughs? (of course when I informed my mother she did the same thing, but thats only because she has already been through similar scenarios with my 5 brothers and I guess things seem funny after the fact.)

So if you are interested in this sweet, but trouble making boy- I am considering ALL offers!


Deb said...

I just gasped out loud when I read what he did. I wouldn't blame you for being mortified, I would be if that happened to me. But to the rest of us, that's hilarious.

This is going to be a great story that you guys will be telling the rest of your lives.

Cook Zoo said...

I agree with Deb, this'll make a great story someday. It's always easier to shrug things off when it's not your kid. I'd be pulling my hair out if it were me. But I don't think he's going down the path of trouble maker, so don't fret. He's got a good heart, which is what tells who someone really is. He's a good kid and you're a good mom. :)

Brenda said...

I can relate to your frustration and your husbands comment! It all sounds so familiar! I don't know how we survive BOYS, but somehow we do! You will laugh about this someday! He really is a sweet boy just like you are saying!

I actually saw the Fire truck leave the school when I was taking my little one to Kindergarten. We were wondering what was going on(lol).

Good Luck! I'll take him anyday! I actually miss those tender young years of little boys and you will too!

Sabra said...

That was your kid!? My girls came home with a full, detailed report. I guess it was during Syd's lunch. Too funny.

Sarah Blue said...

Delia missed half of her lunch because of the "fire drill". She was starving when she got home. According to her, her teacher hypothesized that either someone was smoking on school campus and set off the alarm or a kid pulled a prank. I'm sorry that your kid turned out to be the culprit. :( And even more sorry that your hubby laughed. Did you sock him? ;)

Taking into account both the good and bad, I think I will bid $10 for that kid.

Stacie Robinson said...

LOL! I don't blame you for wanting to auction him and I can totally hear Daniel saying that.

Kristy said...

That is too funny! We'd take him in a heartbeat, but do we really think that Tom would be any help with the troublemaking woes? I think he caused half or more of Moms scenarios! You will laugh at it later, hard to believe now, but you will!