Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happiest place on Earth

This year for the kids birthdays we decided to forgo the presents and took them to Disneyland to celebrate. My wonderful parents were able to take off a few days and join us which made the celebration even more exciting as we usually only get to see grandma and grandpa twice a year. They were such an immense help with the kids, and made it much more enjoyable for Daniel and I. We would have been frazzled without them. We had good luck with lines for the most part, and only had a few tantrums due to exhaustion and starvation, but after a nap here and there and some sugar coated snacks, we were back to the smiles and wonder of it all.
Kylie was most excited for the Dumbo ride, as it is very calm, but she decided to be adventurous and ride the less than calm rides with us too. She even rode on the tower of terror, even though her dear friend has told her that its NOT fun.
Toast loved everything, but his favorite was Star Tours of course. He was so funny giving us a play by play while on the ride. He loved it so much he rode that ride 5 times.
James and Ben were so curious in regards to the characters, especially Sulley and Mickey Mouse. James loved the Buzz Lightyear ride and loved blasting Zorg with the lasers. They both crashed hard at the end of each day after so much fun and excitement.
And we all loved the Halloween Spooktacular fireworks. Disney sure knows how to put on a great show!


Julie said...

I love the idea of doing the trip instead of presents. I hate trying to think of something to give my kids. It sounds like your trip was much more worthwhile.

Sarah Blue said...

Cute pictures. Looks like you all had a great time. :)

Deb said...

Oh I'm so so so jealous!!! Disneyland and Hawaii in the same year. How nice that your parents could come and help.

So I think that's a great idea instead of present too, but how did it work out when their birthdays came? Were they truly okay with getting no presents and waiting for the trip to disneyland to come instead?


Those are great pictures and I LOVE your header picture. Monster's Inc is one of my favorite movies!I can't wait to take the kids to Disney one day too. We almost did it this summer but decided LegoLand is still the place for our boys. They LIVE and BREATH legos! Glad ya'll had an awesome time.

Cook Zoo said...

How fun!!! What a great idea. I'm with Deb - I want to know if the kids had a hard time on their actual birthdays or not. :) Disneyland makes for such great memories though! :)

Stacie Robinson said...

What a great vacation! I love Disneyland and watching the kids enjoy it makes it even better! The picture with Kylie and Tinkerbell is priceless :)

Tina said...

Great pictures! How fun that your parents were there with you too.

Last week when I talked with your mom, she told me about going on the Tower of Terror with the kids :)