Monday, October 5, 2009

A few things

Where did September go? I totally missed a birthday post for Toast, nor have I been recording much of the moments that I hope not to forget. I am gonna try to do this quick since the weather has been so wonderful and I promised to take the boys to the park, something we havent done since April.
--- Tys B-day. Since we had just gotten back from Disneyland, all he needed was a cake. He wanted me to try to make the death star-(yeah right) so instead I just made a bundtcake and put his yoda bobble-head on top and told him his candles were like lightsabers. He was most impressed with my most unimpressive cake for him. Last week he finally had a pretty good week at school. No notes or phone calls from his teacher! Of course I cant get my hopes up too much cuz I am afraid of jinxing his week of good behavior. But maybe 6 is his magic number and from here on out he will be an angel of a boy. HAHAHAHAHA! I can dream.
--Bennie-boo. Oh my heavens I dont recall ever having had so much fun with an 18 month old. The kid has got to be the cutest little punk I know. I love everything that he does right now. And I mean everything. When he wakes up in the morning, I absolutely love how he just babbles away until Daniel or I get up and get him out of his crib. And then he points to where he wants to go. And if I try to dissuade him, he makes this fake sad face that not only makes me bust up laughing, but it also makes me give in to him. He is so flippin funny. He is so curious about everything and gets into a lot of trouble because of it. Unfortunately he knows how to open the fridge now, and if I turn my back for a second he will have it emptied in record time. I love how he dances no matter where he is, just as soon as he hears rockin music. I love how he runs and tries to keep up with his brothers and gets frustrated if they run off without him. I love how he wants to be outside ALL day long. I love how he laughs just to laugh. I love how he waves goodbye with a huge smile on his face, and I really love how anytime anyone is mad or sad he runs up and gives them a love. And then does it again and again until they give him a love back. I love how excited he is to see Kylie after school each day and how he just refuses to let her go anywhere without him for at least 20 minutes of her undivided attention. I love his temper tantrums even. Cuz again he does the fake sad face and it is just the most hilarious and adorable thing. I love how excited he is when its bath time. He loves bubble baths and just splashes and swims and gets so mad when I try to take him out. I love how he will sit for 5 seconds when we start prayers but then runs around to Kylie and Toast to get their attention, and will have us all laughing when we are trying to be reverent. I love how he gets so messy when he eats, but is just so happy about it. I love how he claps for himself when he does something he is proud of, like cleaning up his toys or doing a somersault of the couch. This kid is just so delightful right now. I kinda wanna just keep him in this stage for the next year cuz the terrible twos are right around the corner and the temper tantrums arent quite as adorable the older one gets.
--Kylie. Kylie has been a bit of a vegetarian since she was 3. I have tried time and time again to try to get her to try chicken but she just wont do it. Until last Saturday. Daniel bought some chicken taquitoes and he and the boys were eating them up, and Ky decided to try one and loved it. Its a miracle. But she also informed me she wont be eating chicken ever again. Weirdo.
---James and I have been doing a little preschool stuff each day, and I am happy to say he recognizes most of the letters and their basic sounds. Hooray. We have also been counting but once he gets past 4 he starts mixing them up. Funny kid.
---Daniel. Daniel has been pulling some crazy hours at work. The kids didnt see him at all last week, but he is just trying to provide for us, so really we cant complain too much, although we do anyway. We just cant get enough Daniel time, even if we got to spend 24/7 it still wouldnt be enough.
---Kimmy...... I get to have surgery! WOOHOO! Ok- not woohoo- I am a bit scared of the dr slicing me open, but he says it will be a small incesion. And since they have superglue stitches now, chances are I will heal in no time. So woohoo right? So why am I having surgery? (not that anyone really cares but I am kinda shocked at the why so I will spill the beans.) Apparently my IUD-(the only form a birth control that has worked for me) has somehow made its way into my abdomen. And apparently this is MOST unusual. (I should say so.) So the only way to get it out is to slice me open, stick a camera around to find it and then fish it out. EWW, SO GROSS!
So now that we are all updated, we are gonna head to the park. I am LOVIN this weather!


Sarah Blue said...

How in the world did your IUD make its way from your uterus to your abdomen?? Sheesh. That is probably one of those one in a million chance of happening things. Poor you! Good luck with the surgery.

Julie said...

I've heard of that IUD drama. It went in her intestines, I believe. Makes me scared of them! Good luck with the surgery.

I am also loving my 18 month old. Not only do you finally get to stick them in nursery but it really is such a fun stage. I love everything she does and she is always cracking us up. They are little sponges just soaking in everything going on around them. Luckily, mine has yet to discover the fridge but I dread that time!

Kristy said...

Good luck with the surgery, you'll be in our prayers! When is it?

BlairsTown said...

I always get a kick out of reading your post, they always make me smile. Good Luck with surgery.

Deb said...

SURGERY FOR AN IUD??? Oh my goodness. What is it with you and the BC? I think you were just meant to have lots of babies or something. Good luck with that.

I love my little 20 month old right now too. She makes me smile all day long (when she's not throwing a tantrum). That age is just so hilarious. I've been wanting to do a post so I can document her age right now.


Ditto to all the comments. You are so hilarious when you write! Everything you said about Bennie is almost to a T about our Theron. It is funny how toddlers literally do the same things no matter whose families they are in! Good luck with your surgery. I am so sorry:( Who is doing your surgery?

Cook Zoo said...

What a great post. It made me think of how much fun that age is. I really need to be better about recording what my children are like right now, cuz next year it will all be different.

Sorry to hear about your surgery!!! I have two words for Daniel: "snip, snip". ;)

Tina said...

Kimmy, your kids are cuter than ever, and I love the things you write about them.

Sorry about the surgery thing....when is it?

Hope you had fun at the park!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute, I wish you lived up here so we could enjoy them in person...

So odd about the IUD, good luck with the surgery.

Megan said...

What a bunch of cuties you have!

Ok,so traveling to Disneyland = Good,
traveling to the park = Good,
traveling IUD = Bad, oh so Bad!
When is the surgery and good luck with it!

Kumiko said...

I like pictures of Ben. He is such an angel.
I hope your surgery goes well.