Thursday, December 17, 2009



Since our 2 youngest cant sit still for longer than a few minutes, we decided to switch around the older 2s Christmas programs as they both did the exact same play, just different nights, and that way we kept the younguns at home- to destroy here instead of out in public. Daniel took Monday- which was Toastys night. Apparently Ty was the spazz who almost punched the kid behind him in the face, but by some festivous miracle, he restrained himself. Of course hearing that the kid behind him kept messing with my boy, I wanted to find out who the little rascal was so that I could have done the honors. Just kidding. I'm not violent like that, but I could at least give him a really mean scowl. Nobody messes with my kid.
I took Tuesday- which was Kylies night. Sadly we couldnt see her the entire time, so I spent much of my time texting Daniel instead of watching the little play. I'm terrible, but geez- the only reason I went was to see my girl, but I couldnt see her amidst the hundreds of other kiddies, so what was the point? Nah- actually there were several kids from the primary up there, so it was kinda fun to see them and listen to their little parts.. The one show stopper- one poor little girl fell right off the stage and the very audible slap of her body hitting the floor was pretty traumatic. She lived, apparently, with no broken bones either, so another festivous miracle!

Random change of subject: we, the Jacksons, have a few little traditions that lead up to Christmas. Each night in December we do something Christmasy together, and we've been having lots of fun with it. We've done lots of Christmas crafts, Christmas baking, Christmas movies, Christmas stories, Christmas singing, and of course the Christmas gingerbread grahm cracker house decorating. We did that one last night and boy was it fun. Kylie, my sweet darling daughter, tends to be a bit of a perfectionist. She was having a melt down cuz she couldnt get it to look just right. Toast was mad that James ate the candy that he wanted to decorate with, and wacked him, which made James turn into a crying gremlin, who refused to participate anymore. Ben kept grabbing the candy and throwing it all over the kitchen, and he also kept grabbing Kylies creation, which, of course, ruined it, making her meltdowns even more fun. It was quite a  night! Oh the joyous memories we are creating!
(all pictures were taken before all meltdowns and fighting ensued. Hence the smiles as opposed to the tears and grumpy faces that soon followed)


Deb said...

Your boys are getting so big (and handsome).

I love that you do something Christmasy every night. We always do gingerbread houses and a few other things, but I like the idea of doing something each night. I will for sure do that with my little fam next year.

And may I say that I totally relate with planning something fun for the kids and then having them start fighting, crying, and spoiling the good time.

Megan said...

Looks like fun! Hopefully they will see these pictures some day and not remember the bad/crying part. I'm hoping that I can manipulate a lot of my kids childhood memories that way! :)

Cook Zoo said...

You are way cool for doing something every night. I have a few things planned and I'm feeling all on top of things. ;) I had to laugh at the way things kind of fell apart, the way they do when kids get grumpy. It's always funny when it happens to other people. ;)

alison said...

Oh my gosh, poor little girl, I bet her mom about had a heart attack! I love the picts! We are making gingerbread houses tonight for FHE! Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas!