Monday, January 11, 2010

My little albino

Why is it that anytime I am upstairs putting laundry away I get some kind of version of this:
Toast: "Mommy- the boys are making a mess!"
Me:"Then tell them to clean it up."
Toast:"But its a really REALLY BIG mess!"
Me:"So be a good sport and help them clean it up."
Toast:"Dude, this is one you're gonna wanna see!"

And so I decide that the laundry can wait. And we head downstairs to the kitchen where my 2 little SPAZZ-manian devils have ripped open a box of pancake mix and rolled around in it. 
Meet albino Ben.



Megan said...

Patty Lemmon gave me the best advice once. She said, "When you feel like killing them- pull out your camera instead."
...they looks SO CUTE!!!!

Brenda said...

Oh Wow! You always bring back funny memories of "Once Upon A Time" when my boys were little. They never change!

Thanks! Your boys are adorable!

Cook Zoo said...

ROFL!! It's either laugh or cry, so why not laugh right?? :)


I like Megan's advice. Because I would have wanted to kill them too! What a mess!! But it really has to make you laught seeing how cute and creative they can be!

Deb said...

Oh my. Whenever my kids do something like that the first thought that goes through my head is, "Really? What on earth would make you think that was an okay thing to do?"

Do they know it will make us mad and do it anyways? Or do they just get caught up in the moment and not think about what they are doing? If only I could read minds.

Tina said...

They look ready to be fried up now, and served with chips. (Loose Nemo quote....)

They are SO cute. I think they just don't want you ever to get bored.

Julie said...

You handle this kind of stuff way better than me!