Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Last night Daniel got home BEFORE it was time to get the kids ready for bed, (a completely shocking event!!!) so we went to our favorite park to let the crazies run wild for our FHE activity. At one point we were all on the swings together, pretending we were flying. That moment brought back many fond memories. (Cue for a slightly blurry black and white image of a younger version of Daniel and myself at a park)

When Daniel and I were "dating," we went to the park one night and had some fun on the swings. As we swung higher and higher we seemed to fly into our own world together. The stars were twinkling, the crickets chirping, and the palm trees swayed from the refreshing breeze. As we gazed into each others eyes we talked about us, and the future, and just everything.(The night got even more memorable when we got kicked out by some cops who thought we were some trouble makers from a park graffiti-ing gang, but thats a story for another time)  
So back to last night. We swung with the kids until we all felt motion sick, and then we headed home. On the way back I reminisced with Daniel of how romantic that night of swinging was. Daniel comments, " now it's just  nauseating!" At which point we look at each other and bust up with laughter. 

Daniels no pun intended comment has me thinking though. Back when we were young "lovers"-(for some reason I cant seem to say or think the word "lovers" without cracking up..) any and all of our PDA was, in my strange little mind, so romantic. And now, looking back.... ewwww- gross! I mean, even seeing young lovers today make out in public just makes me kinda shudder and recoil. But yet when I see an old couple hold hands or laugh together, or see a husband get the door for his wife and see them share a genuine smile- i cant help but think, "awwwwww, now thats sweet!"


Tina said...

It is funny to think that anyone would take you and Daniel for trouble makers, but maybe my blurry black and white vision of you isn't accurate ;)

Cute post!

Sarah Blue said...

What I'm wondering is how you and Daniel were looking into each other's eyes while swinging... ;)

I agree. Many things that were fun when I was younger are not so fun now. I used to love jumping on a trampoline. Now it just gives me a jarring headache.

Megan said...

Fred is going through a "remember when" phase right now. We've (well, he's) discovered lots of things that we used to think were romantic or so cute and now...well, not so much!

Deb said...

When Ian and I were first married we always looked at other more advanced married couples and would say, "we'll never be like that." or "we'll always do _____." Now we are just like any other advanced married couple. And I think I'm okay with that. It's a pretty good place to be.

alison said...

Jeremy and I always think back to how mushy we were when we were dating, it is hillarious! I can't say the word "lovers" with a straight face, it sounds so funny. I also love seeing older couples in love and holding hands, it is so sweet, but the whole teenage making out in public stuff makes me want to puke.