Monday, March 8, 2010

Lost it

Have you ever felt like "you've lost that blogging feeling, oh that blogging feeling. you've lost that blogging feeling, now its gone, gone, gone, woah oh oh oh!"
My mother starts to worry about me if I don't blog at least once a week. And seeing as how its been almost 2 weeks,(actually only a week and a half but we like to round up) I figured I better get on it today.
Last week Daniel was out of town for a mortgage conference of sorts. Ive learned a few things while doing the single parenting thing. One is that my house miraculously stays a little bit cleaner when he's gone. 2 is that I have a little more patience with the kids when I know I'm doing it all by myself. Nights when I expect Daniel to be home at 6 and he doesn't get here until 7, I loose my patience soo much more quickly. 3 is that my poor boys need an outlet for their insane amount of energy and without daddy to wrestle and body slam with, they end up even more crazy than usual and by the time they are in bed, they still haven't worn themselves out and it takes over an hour of tossing and turning before they finally tucker out for the night. 4 is that its no fun to hang out with myself at nights. Its really lonely. And even watching Lost lost its magic as i couldn't gasp with Daniel and scream at the evil lock-ness monster together. And lastly- i think i need to shrink cuz i cant sleep without Daniel. I need him to protect me from the boogie man. Its ridiculous. Im 30 flippin years old and Im afraid of the boogie man. I was awake until 3 am every night lying in bed freaked out of my mind with every noise I heard and praying as hard as I could that i wasnt going to get slashed to bits by some crazy burglar psycho killer. So I'm really grateful Daniel is now home to protect me. And I'm really glad he doesnt have a job that requires him to travel very often.

So in other news, the boys finally got haircuts. Its been since January since they got trimmed up, so they were shaggy beyond belief. Its amazing how their looks change with a nice cut. And it was really nice to chat with Shami. James is now in love with her as she "rescued" him. My boys like to go barefoot, so while they had shoes on when we drove over there, they quickly kicked them off before we arrived and since we were just getting haircuts, i figured they'd be fine. They first came in and went to play, but then ended up outside. Shamis house is the only house in their subdivision at the moment, so all around them are empty lots with weeds and desert sagebrush and lots and lots of thorns. So after a few minutes, Ben comes crying into the house and Toast tells me he has bloody feet, so I pick him up and sure enough he had a bloody foot. 5 full thorns were just completely smashed into his feet, and he had lots of little tiny ones that must have broken off on his walk back to the house. That night I counted all his poke marks and he had over 30 on one foot alone. Tragic. So while I was helping my Ben, Toast was worried and I asked him what was up and he says, "you need to get James!" So Shami being the wonder-woman she is, takes off and finds James like 4 lots down howling in agony. She carried him back and quickly got to work tweezing out all his thorns too. Quite the adventure. So now James keeps telling me the following phrases at least once an hour: "Shami rescued me mom! Shes my first best friend!" "Mom, Shami pulled out my thorns and made me better." "Mommy I was dead meat and had ten hundred owies, but Shami saved me!" We are definitely thankful for the superhero Shami this week.

And last but not least, I am a SCHMO! Friday night and Saturday morning I received several calls from our ward secretary. Poor guy doesn't know that I have a morbid fear of answering my phone. Anyway he called like ten hundred times. He even called Daniel, and Daniel guilted me into calling him back. So the guy asks me to give the closing prayer in sacrament meeting for the next day. I say yes, but instantly my guts get all knotted up cuz I HATE being in front of people. And I am still trying to get over my embarrassment from like 3 Sundays ago when i made a comment that didnt even make sense in relief society .( i really did have a much more interesting comment, but I cant seem to make my mouth and brain connect when talking in front of people. its a curse.)So for the rest of the day I was rather tense thinking about it. really- its not that big of a deal, but like I said- I'm cursed. I probably would end up praying for Satan to have a change of heart or something- there is no guarantee my prayer will be appropriate. SO Sunday early morning we got a fantastic rain storm. I woke up around 4 and listened to the rain for a while, but then fell back asleep and Daniel and I ended up sleeping in until 9. The kids had all woken up several hours prior, but had gone downstairs to have some alone time without mommy telling them what not to do. SO we have a home alone wake up scene, except Daniel laughs while I scream/panic, and then I figure we will never make it if I have to get everyone dressed and hair done and i still have to get them breakfast and pack a diaper bag and i hadn't ironed the boys clothes yet either, so I decided they were gonna get out of church free, on account of me trying to keep my word about giving the dang prayer. So I get myself ready, and rush out the door. I got to church at 9:40. plenty of time before the prayer. But the dang chapel door was closed. I was hoping i could have slipped in quietly and unnoticed on the bench nearest the door, but as the door was closed, I would have had to open it and then i wouldnt have been so inconspicuous. So I sat on the couch in the foyer, trying to talk myself into opening the flippin door. yes i am Psychotic to the extreme! Anyway i sat a little too long and the poor member of the bishopric that was conducting was texting a few members trying to find someone else to fill in cuz i was no where in his line of vision(good to know he doesnt have xray vision. I have often wondered if thats one of those gifts members of bishoprics receive when they are called cuz sometimes when they are on the stand and I have a guilty conscience it seems like they glare right at me with xray vision and then im like- oh carp! they know i didnt do my visiting teaching just with their soul xraying vision gift.) But anyway he found someone else and then after the someone else offered the closing prayer I slipped back out the church doors and drove home to relate my tale to Daniel, who laughed and told me he loves me. Glad i married someone who can think my psychosisness is another reason to love me. he's one in a bajillion! Anyway I texted the guys wife asking her to please tell her husband i'm sorry. I tried. which she did. But now that I have come to grips with my schmoness- I am thinking maybe its a good thing this happened cuz now they'll definitely be thinking twice about what calling i get next.


Deb said...

I know what you mean I totally lose that blogging feeling all the time. And I don't even do it as often as you do.

What a crazy stressful couple of weeks. First your hubby gone, then the boys with all their owies, and then being called to say the prayer. That would all be enough to give me few gray hairs.

Brenda said...

Hi Kimmy!

I was looking for you on Sunday. I was a little concerned that I didn't see you! I figured you must be out of town. Mission complete--Email me at:

I can relate to the blogging thing, at times I think I'm not going to do it anymore and then something occurs or pops into my head why I should!

You are fun! We are lucky to have you in our ward! I can also relate to the boogie man! I get scared when Brian is gone. I was always glad when Brandon was home, if Brian was ever out of town. I knew Brandon would save me.

Happy to hear you are well!
Love, Brenda

Megan said...

You are just too funny!
Ok- let me just say that I feel the same way when Fred is out of town. I just know that every killer and/or rapist knows he gone and is right outside just waiting for the opportune moment to strike. And I'm a lot older than 30!
I wondered where you were on Sunday. Just figured it was a misprint or something- no big whoop.
I've always though Shami was wonderwoman. How she does it all with such patience and grace- it amazes me!
I hope you get your blog mojo back soon. I miss talking to you and if you won't answer your phone...well, what am I to do?
Take care!!

Kumiko said...

I'm sorry that you had a busy rough week but You are always funny. I love your blog!

Tina said...

Kimmy, you crack me up! I love your honesty. So many people feel the same way you do about things, but they aren't real about it, so they are no fun.


You are seriously hilarious! I bet your prayer would have been hilarious too! Just kidding.

I can relate on a few of your comments, like the house and me calmer when Brandon is away, yet I rather it be messy and everything chaotic b/c he's home. Boogie man... you need to quit watching LOST! You need to have a girlfriend who comes over for slumber parties when he's away so you don't lose sleep! And our boys get those blasted thorns in our backyard as well, except not a 100 of them!

Oh what I would do without having your blog to make me laugh!