Friday, May 7, 2010

An angel to watch over me

Today I was brought to tears when I received a package in the mail from my dear mother. She wrote a sweet little note that had me choked up, and had sent a little book called "An Angel to Watch Over Me," which got the tears flowing. Its a little book written by a very talented Sally DeFord that goes like this:

"She watched by my cradle through long, sleepless nights,
She taught me to pray as she knelt by my side,
She guarded my childhood, and all through the years,
She echoed my laughter, she counted my tears.
In the arms of my mother, I came to believe
That God sent an angel to watch over me.
She taught me the meaning of courage and faith,
She taught me to live with the Lord as my strength,
She taught me to follow the pathway He marked,
She guided my steps when the journey grew dark,
And I know there were dangers that I could not see,
But God sent an angel to watch over me.
She taught me to serve with a spirit that sings,
She taught me to seek after heavenly things,
And because of her love and her kindness and care,
Because of the place that I hold in her prayers,
And because of her goodness, I still believe
That God sent an angel to watch over me."

My mom sent this book to give praise to and encourage her daughters in their mothering, but the reason it got me chocked up is because this describes how i feel about her.  She is most definitely an angel who has watched over me, supported me, encouraged, cared for, cried with, taught, nurtured, laughed with, protected, and most importantly loved. If there is any good in me, its because of her.
A few weeks ago we had a young womens activity- a getting to know you kind of thing, and we filled out a survey and then shared our answers. One of the questions was "what do you love most about your mom?" I didn't even have to think about it. My mother and I have had many talks on the topic of talents, and we both feel like we must have slept in the day they were handing those out in heaven. We have talked about so many individuals we know and their incredible talents and their ability to create beautiful things. One of her sisters has a gift with flowers- she creates the most beautiful arrangements. I swear she must have helped create the garden of Eden. Another sister is just so smart and kind and plays the piano beautifully. Her sister in law is the most amazing chef you could imagine. She creates the most delicious meals with such little effort. Her daughter in laws are so amazing with crafting and decorating and they have such a gift of patience with their children. Her eldest daughter is a master seamstress, and creates the most beautiful dresses for her daughters. And we have so many friends and extended family members who all have these and many other talents as well.Its hard not to be envious.
But my mom has one of the most incredible talents/gifts and it's one I desire like no other. She has the gift of charity. She is able to love others purely and unconditionally. Even when she knows the skeletons in the closet, she doesn't let that taint her view and her love for the person. And its not just her kids that she is that way with. Its everyone she knows. She doesn't pass judgement on people. She loves. I so want to be like that. Whenever I point this out to her though- She says she isn't like that. (she's also very humble) But those who know her- know she really is. 
Her testimony and her faith are incredible. Anytime one of my siblings and I are in need of a miracle- we ask my mom to pray. We know her prayers are heard and answered because she has this exceeding great faith. 
How extremely grateful I am for the wonderful mother I have. It is one of my greatest hopes, to be the kind of mother that she is. 


Deb said...

That post totally made me cry. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. Just reading this post inspired me to be more like her too.

alison said...

Just reading the words to that book made me cry thinking about my mother. Your mom sounds wonderful, do you ever feel slightly guilty that you have such a great mom when you hear about others mothers? I think we must have had really great judgement in heaven or something, because it sounds like we both picked the cream of the crop for our parents. Happy Mother's Day Kimmy!

Brenda said...

What a a beautiful poem from a beautiful Mother. You are a wonderful mother just like your Mother.

Happy Mother's Day!

Can I use your poem?

Emmie Coggins said...

So you totally did not miss the day of talents sweetheart. I know of many talents you have--do you want me to list them?
I love your tribute to your mom, I know she had an influence on my life and she is quite the remarkable lady.

Kristy said...

What a sweet post, you are right on with Mom. The neat thing is that as I read over the list of things from various people in our family it had me thinking about my own Mom and her biggest gift she was blessed with. And I actually spoke about it at her funeral. She had the greatest gift of charity. She saw others as the Savior did and loved everyone. That scripture in Moroni was her all time favorite and no matter what words or wisdom I was seeking or the lesson I was looking for help on it was always brought to charity and how everything came back to that. So when I read that about Mom's gift it made me smile because she also has such a love for all and is an amazing example of charity. Sweet post! Oh are you in Young Womens now? Where do you serve? I would love to share ideas!

Tina said...

This is a wonderful post, Kimmy.

The thing about really good people is that they don't realize how good they are. That seems to be part of it. Your mom is like that. You are like that too, by the way :)


You are more blessed in ways that fortunately you already know. Some of us have never had those things from their mothers and know that it will never be a possiblity... and that only makes me want to try harder to be the best mom and example to my own kids. I sincerely love that you have that relationship like that with her. Beautiful tribute and I know she feels the same about you, hence the package.