Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday there was a knock on the door, and when I opened it up there was a package addressed to me. Kinda surprised as I wasnt expecting anything in the mail, I opened it up. Inside was a bag. A really nice handbag. I was very confused though cuz I had not ordered a bag, and my dearest darling Daniel knows that I'm kind of particular, so he would have asked my opinion before buying something like that. Besides there are a bajillion other gift ideas that would come before a bag. 
I happen to be one of the "odd" females who isnt obsessed with bags. I'm just not a bag kinda girl. I stick my license, my debit card and my phone in my pocket, and I'm good to go. And Daniel knows this, so I was suspicious. Therefore, I called him. 
He was just as baffled as me as to where this bag came from. So I say, "perhaps its a promotional gift." Daniel says, "so this company is gonna just send out bags to random people? Besides, where did they get your info?" Well of course I dont know, but it sounded good to me- a free and very nice bag--I'm all for it. No need to be suspicious- it is what it is! Even if I'm not a bag kinda girl- it's nice- and FREE! 
Daniel, being the smarter half of our relationship, decides to investigate.  And you know what he finds out? Well first- the bag is being sold for a hundred bucks. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! (dr evil style if you please.) For a bag. For crying out loud- it seems (in my humble opinion- and its probably just cuz I'm not into bags) that a bag is made with fabric- and not a whole lot of it. But sorry,  that's a tangent I'm not meaning to go off on--(if you happen to be a bag kinda person and have spent more or less than this- I'm sure its lovely and probably a great investment! ;)) 
So back to Daniel investigating.. He finds out that it was charged to one of our cards by some suspicious email address not belonging to either one of us, nor anyone we know. So my free bag, was actually NOT free. Daniel looks into that account and finds some other charges that neither of us had placed, so he calls and gets things taken care of. And now we are returning the not free bag and getting a new card. 
So here's the thing, the card is in Daniels name, not mine, but the bag was shipped to Kimmy Jackson, not Daniel Jackson(Daniel Jackson? he's a genius!). And that card is in Daniels wallet which he has with him at all times. So how the fetch did someone get that card number, but my info? I'm rather disturbed by this. And hello- why ship it to our address? If you've stolen someones card number and are placing an order- why ship it here, where someone might be smart enough to realize that we didnt order no stinking badgers and now we are gonna change that stolen info before you can do any more damage to that account?  I, for one, am glad Daniel is smart enough to look into it. I was just gonna go skipping on my way with what I assumed was a promotional gift. I guess I can say I am a bit naive. Daniel completes me. ;)
(Tweeked movie trivia 4 times over, anyone, anyone?)
(make that 5)


Deb said...

Oh man it's good thing you caught that one. The person probably forgot to change the ship to address from the billing. But if all they got was your card number then how did they know your address? Maybe they were going to ship it and then stake out your house and try to intercept it before you got it? Just kidding I'm getting ridiculous now, but that is really weird.

One time about 3 years ago I lost my wallet. I knew it was around the house somewhere just couldn't find it. In that time some one stole Ians card info and charged like over $2,000 to our card and of course it overdrafted. Long story short - I found my wallet the next day under the seat of my car. And the bank did figure things out an reimburse our money, but it was a waaayyy stressful ordeal. Sometimes people suck.


This is so funny. But I know it's not. But then again, yes it is. In the way you tell it anyway. I too got thieved against and it stunk! It was right after Theron was born. And I didn't get any cool things in return except 5 credit cards opened under my name charging over $3500 dollars and I got to make a trip to the police station with newborn in tow to file a police report. Thank goodness everything was taken off and nothing affected me in the long run, except the fact that someone out there in California basically raped me. I know, I shouldn't use that word here, but it's all I could think of!

Brenda said...

So sorry Kimmmy! I think everyone has a story of "invasion".

Several years ago, I felt that way when my Suburban was stolen from our driveway in the middle of the day!

Cheers to Daniel for investigating!
I will miss seeing my little Ben tomorrow!

Stacie Robinson said...

Scary!!! These things are not fun to deal with. I would have thought the same as you though. I love to get things for FREE!

alison said...

Ugg these kind of stories totally freak me out. Hope it is all worked out and you are not charged for any other strange purchases. I am so with you on the not being a big bag kind of girl. I don't see how people can spend so much money on bags. I work with a few who do and they have purses that are like 500 bucks a piece, totally insane to me. Glad Daniel investigated!

Tina said...

I have never heard a story quite like this one. So strange!!

Granni P said...

I did get the movie trivia. You must be related to the Lemmon's. And I am glad you got it straightened out. Scary tho that anyone can just rob you like that.