Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hi, my name is Kimmy, and I'm a pretzel m&m-aholic. Seriously. I am an addict. The first time I tried them I thought they were kinda gross. But after eating a few I couldnt stop myself, and before I knew it the bag was empty. The next time I went to the store I bought a bigger bag. It was gone before the day was through.(this time I had to share with my dearest darling Daniel and my little munchkins, but I admit- I still ate most of them.) This past weekend we bought the really big bag and it didnt last through the weekend. Now I find myself making excuses to go to the store just to get more-(which is craziness with 4 kids in tow- my crazy, hyper, rambunctious, energetic, wild kids. I do not like having to go to the store with all 4 kids, and do everything in my power to take any shopping trips when the kids are in bed, or on the weekend when Daniel can stay home with them. But I'm so addicted to those stinking pretzel m&ms that I load all 4 kids up just to go get more of those darn things. I cant help myself. This needs to stop! But I cant stop now, I'm ADDICTED!

Our summer vacation is starting to wind down. I am having mixed emotions about this. The kids start back to school in a week and a half, so we will have to get back to a routine. Get back to waking up at a certain time, getting to bed at a certain time, homework, yada yada yada. On the one hand- I think it will be great for Kylie and Tyler to spend a good chunk of the day apart. They have taken sibling rivalry to a new extreme. You would think someone sticking their tongue at you was like a bullet to the heart with the amount of screaming and crying that it causes. But I really like being on our own schedule. I have enjoyed the pool days, the movie days, the "pop-a-boon" days, the craft days, the cookie days. I have enjoyed making breakfast together without a rush to get somewhere. I am gonna miss the freedom of our own schedule. And I am really worried about how my Toast is gonna do for a new teacher and new class. He is a smart kid, but his little personality is a tricky one and he can be soooo frustrating when he gets upset and shuts down. I have been praying that whomever his teacher will be, she will be patient and understanding with this kid. Otherwise, he is gonna be miserable, his teacher is gonna be miserable and I am gonna be miserable.

Random change of subject. Daniel is a good guy. Some of the things I love most about him are just how loving and kind and giving and generous he is. He has such a good heart. But sometimes I get a little irritated with how good and kind he is. This probably makes me a terrible person- but we are having to deal with a frustrating situation, kinda because Daniel is such a good guy.
So Daniel home teaches this guy, whom is not active and probably wont ever be, but Daniel encourages and tries to be a friend to him. This guy has had a sting of bad luck, and literally didnt have a dime to his name. So a few months ago Daniel hired him to come mow our lawn. Daniel, being the good guy that he is, paid him generously(to help him out), and since then, this guy has been coming once a week, expecting the same payment. We dont need someone to mow our grass, especially not every flippin week. IF it was a priority we would do it- but its not. But Daniel wanted to help this guy out, so he gave him a job. But now the guy doesnt do a very good job, and still wants to get paid that "generous" amount, and has been treating the situation as if we are his own piggy bank. This guy comes during the day, when Daniel is at work and cant come home; This guy doesnt have a phone of any kind, so the only way Daniel can communicate with him is if Daniel drives over to his house, but as Daniel works 12-14 hour days, he hasnt gotten a chance to talk with him about this arrangement. As we were getting ready to head out of town for my familys reunion a few weeks back, this guy came by as we were heading out, so Daniel was finally able to talk to him. He told him we just needed a once a month mow. I was thinking we wouldnt see him until August, but he showed up today. It hasnt been a month yet and although I feel bad for him, times are tough right now in Daniels line of work and they have had several slow months, so our own finances are more strained. And as the kids are gonna need school supplies and clothes and backpacks and shoes I'm thinking to myself-- I cant afford to pay this guy especially when it hasnt even been a month from his last visit. So he mows the yard and then knocks on the door to let me know he is done- meaning its time to pay him.  As I wasnt planning on him coming over for 2 more weeks, I didnt have the cash to pay him. I texted Daniel earlier and asked him what to do- and he said to tell the guy that he would swing by his place later to pay him. So I tell the guy this, and he gets kinda upset and tells me he needs the money now cuz he has to go pay his insurance on his truck. So I dont know what to do, cuz like I said I dont have the cash- and this guy is getting upset. So again- I text Daniel- who tells me to tell him he can come over to Daniels office and Daniel will pay him. So the guy gets the directions and goes.
I'm not liking this situation. And I'm trying not to be judgemental- but the guy has been a gang member and has been to prison before and I'm slightly afraid for my safety when he is here and Daniel is at work. And if I cant pay him and he gets upset- I kinda worry that he is gonna beat me up or something. Now maybe I'm being a bit dramatic- but I dont really know this guy. I feel bad for him, and I recognize he is a child of God- and I know we are suppose to help and serve one another, but I dont like that it has gotten to this point. So then I think of my sweet Daniel and I think- dear Daniel, perhaps you shouldnt always be so nice. It might get me killed. And your kids will have to go to school without new shoes, clothes, backpacks and supplies. Love Kimmy-the selfish, dramatic, and fearful pretzel M&M addict.


Sarah Blue said...

If he ever comes to your house and Daniel can't come, call me. I will come to your house and protect you. I can be very scary myself in need be. ;)

And don't think you are selfish. My hubby has done similar things in the past and creepy people have ended up on my doorstep. It is not a fun situation to be in. But when it's two against one, it's easier. So call me!

Deb said...

Pretzel M&Ms? Never heard of such a thing. But it sounds delicious. Do you know that like two christmases ago you shared on your blog that you were addicted to Mint M&Ms around Christmas time? I had never had those so I went and bought some, and then became a mint M&M addict myself. The past two Christmases I make sure to stock up on the mint M&Ms. I don't think it was such a good thing that you shared this new Pretzel M&M thing, because I feel the same thing coming on again. I'll have to go try them and then I'll become addicted too, and gain like ten pounds in the process.

So I really feel for you with this whole lawn mowing situation. I would be totally scared of the guy too. Plus I hate confrontation, so it would be sooo hard for me to ever say something about it. Especially if the guy is scary and rude, and ex gang/jail bird. EEeek! I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. I've had a somewhat similar situation here in OK. A lady asked me to help her clean her house and watch her kids, and then it turned into a weekly thing, were she was asking me to do these things 3-5 times a week every week. It was totally stressing me out, because I was so busy taking care of her family and cleaning her house, that I wasn't taking care of mine. I finally got out of it, but I hate sticky situations like that. Do people not realize when they're taking advantage of others, or do they know, but just don't care?

So it was very nice what you said about Smith on my blog. I don't know if you really wanted an answer or if it was retorical. But if you did want an answer, I really think a lot of Smith is just his personality. He doesn't like to get into trouble AT ALL, and he's a natural goal setter and people pleaser. He also has a pretty strict Dad, which is the opposite of me, so I think we balance each other well sometimes when it comes to the discipline. I give Smith a little incentive or motivation to do things and he just runs with it. I got lucky with him. Over all he's a pretty good boy. Plus, remember blogs tend to leave lots of the bad out and only mention the good, he can be a real stinker at times.

So did you like my novel????

Sabra said...

Everyone thinks I'm gross, but I love the peanut butter and jelly M&M's. Hard to find, but once I do they are all mine!

Donna said...

Maybe I'm being mean, but if you're fearing for your safety (and I don't blame you one bit for that) then I think Daniel needs to take on the role of protector and figure a way out of this situation. That guy needs to not be showing up on your doorstep anymore. Just my two cents.

And just for the record, I'm pretending I haven't heard anything tempting about pretzel M&M's because the last thing I need is more chocolate to tempt me. :)