Friday, August 6, 2010

Nose Trick

This is it. The final weekend before the kids head back to school. Sad to say gooodbye to summer vacation especially when we'll still be way above 100 degrees for at least another month and a half.

We've been trying to survive the heat for the length of the summer. Our city built a new pool last year, and luckily for us its just a hop skip and jump away, not to mention totally cool for the kiddies, and major good people watching for me. When we dont do pool days we've been doing the rain-o-leen. This is where my kids take out the hose and go crazy on the trampoline. Kinda dangerous, but oh so fun. My Bennie-boo loves water balloons, which he calls "pop-ay-boons" and we have now added that to the rainoleen of fun.

And when the kids are worn out from that, they are crazy for crafts. Kylie loves beads. She makes bracelets, necklaces and a bunch of other little projects with her collection of beads. Her little brothers love to get into her beads and our 2 year old loves sticking beads up his nose. When Kylie was 3 she also liked to stick beads up her nose. One night as she was lying in bed she stuck one way up there and couldnt get it out.  Daniel and I both tried to get it, but we were only pushing it further up her nasal cavity. So Daniel took her to the urgent care before we did some major damage. The dr described to Daniel a little object out of the nose trick and walah- the bead came out. I have used this trick a few more times in our years of toddlers discovering those holes in  their noses. All one has to do is hold the opposite nostril closed with one finger and blow as hard as you can into their mouth with your own and walah- you get the object and a few boogers flying your way.

How does a mother survive the grossness factor of it all?


Megan said...

Okay- you have to hear about my horrific bead up the nose story sometime! Faith gets the blue ribbon for this one!!

I'm sad our girls aren't in class together, but hopefully they will get to hangout every now and then.

So sad summer is nearly gone!!

Kristy said...

So funny! Great pictures and fun ideas! I can't believe summer is coming to an end! :)

alison said...

That is quite gross, but heck it beats spending money at Urgent Care each time a kiddo shoves something in their nostril. I will have to remember that one if and and when I have "little" ones again, hopefully that day will come. Your kids are getting so big, they are absolutely gorgeous! I know I am commenting in the wrong spot, but I loved reading about your wedding day, I love hearing about other couples who are still deeply in love. I get so sad listening to the world or co-workers knocking their spouses. Happy anniversary!