Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Did I hear a niner?"

On this day 9 years ago, it was the most wonderful day of my life up to that point. I was slightly sleep deprived-(OK really sleep deprived) excited, nervous, giddy, twidderpated, in love, and very happy. My mom drove me to the Timpanogos temple, where we met up with my dearest darling Daniel, filled out some paperwork, got the low down on where to go and what to do, then my mother and I went into the brides room in the temple, where she helped me get into my dress, gave me a teary hug before we again met up with my Daniel. She was taken into the sealing room, and Daniel and I were taken to the celestial room.

We sat there all excited and slightly anxious, talking quietly and holding hands. (we actually got to sit for quite a while as Daniels sister, her husband, and Daniels brother had gone through to do a session in the temple earlier- and weren't quite finished by the time we were ready to go) Then the sweet temple matron came and escorted us into the sealing room which was filled with several of the people we love most.

A friend of my parents was officiating, and he started out by telling a story of a young couple that had come in to be married, but for some reason the bride ended up rushing out of the room before she and her not-to-be husband were to be married. I think he must have been telling us this story to make sure we werent planning on a similar scenario. But I knew without a doubt Daniel was the man I wanted to be with forever.

I hadnt known Daniel for very long, but I had observed him in several situations and got a glimpse of his heart. I had fasted, prayed, pondered, meditated, and counseled with my parents and with my Father in Heaven before this day and knew with all my heart Daniel was the one for me. So after I told the officiator that I wasnt gonna go running out of the room, Daniel and I knelt across the alter and were married for eternity.

After hugs from family and friends, and after changing from our temple clothes, we had lots of squinty eye pictures -gotta love the August noon-day sunlight.
Then we headed over to the church for a little luncheon. Since I am the 6th of 7 kids in my family, I had been to a lot of wedding receptions in my youth. I decided I didnt want to spend my wedding night standing in a line.(not that there is anything wrong with that; I love being able to visit with relatives, and friends and neighbors- but I just didnt want to do so on the night of my wedding.) And Daniel didnt care about that either, so we invited several of our closest friends and loved ones to a luncheon instead.
Then we went back to my parents house, changed out of our wedding clothes, finished packing up the rest of my belongings, and drove to the airport with my mom and dad. This was a month before 9/11 so my parents were able to walk with us to the gate. Then I hugged my parents goodbye. It was kind of a symbolic moment- even though I will always be their daughter I was now my own family with my husband, and that hug goodbye was like the end of that life- my childhood, the teenage years and the claim of being their dependant. I was now an adult- even though I didnt feel like one- and this was a new beginning in my life.

Daniel and I were flying southwest airlines, so we didnt have assigned seats. And since we were the last ones on the flight, we didnt get to sit together. I was really bummed as all I wanted to do was hold onto my husband as my heart was aching from the sudden unexpected feeling of loss from saying goodbye to my parents. Thankfully it was a short flight from SLC to Las Vegas.

We loaded up in Daniels old 4-runner (to this day he still misses that car of his) and headed to the Venetian.(significant to us as that is where Daniel officially proposed) We somehow got lucky and they upgraded us to a sweet suite. We oooohhhhhed and aaaahhhhed over the luxury of the room, and then we knelt down together and said our first official family prayer, thanking our Father in Heaven for the incredible blessing of being sealed to each other for eternity.

9 years later- I look back to the day we became husband and wife with deepest gratitude. I am thankful I get to spend my life with my Daniel. In the 9 years we have shared, we have seen lots of good, some bad, and Daniel wakes up looking at the ugly!  :)  

I really dont know how I got so lucky to have Daniel. He is amazing. He is an incredible father to our children, he is a man of faith, of integrity, he is kind, and patient and quick to forgive, He is loving, and supportive, helpful and understanding. He is a great listener. He is dedicated, he works hard, and he can always be counted on. He is an awesome friend, and just a super awesome all around nice guy. Add to that his sense of humor, and his cooking skillz- well I am a lucky girl indeed.

SO to you my dearest darling Daniel- thank you for making these past 9 years what they were. Thank you for loving me so unconditionally- especially when you know my shortcomings better than anyone. Thanks for being the greatest friend I've ever had, and for being the incredible husband that you are. Oh how I love you with all my heart!


Megan said...

(and Happy Anniversary!)

Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Julie said...

So sweet. You look hot in your wedding photo! Congratulations.

(I love your movie lines... Tommy Boy, right?)

Donna said...

Congratulations you guys! I've always thought you make such a wonderful couple. Here's to many, many more! :)

Kristy said...

Happy Anniversary guys! We love you!


I have been sooo busy this summer I haven't been able to read many blogs. But I was so glad to read yours tonight! I LOVE this post! I love sentimental writings that talk about feelings and since I am like that and love my husband to death too, I can relate! Happy Anniversary! I will still always remember seeing ya'll in McDonald's in Yuma when we were brand new and thinking, "they are mormon" and then later being in your ward. How funny.

Tina said...

I'm just a bit late here, but I hope you had a Happy Anniversary!

I love your wedding picture :)

Carolina said...

That was beautiful Kimmy! You made me cry! Thanks for sharing! You're a lucky pair :) Love you guys!