Thursday, August 26, 2010

Round 2

Last year Daniel and I went to Maui to celebrate our anniversary. It was FABULOUS! While we were there we discussed the future and decided that for our 9 year anniversary we would do something low key cuz we would have our newborn, and then for our 10 year, we would go back to Hawaii.  Obviously my plan hasnt really gone according to plan. So we adjusted. Since we dont have a baby, I figured this year we better take advantage while we can, and hopefully by our 10 year I will have my baby girl.

So we headed off to Maui last week. HEAVEN! We stayed at the same resort we did last year. Its one of my all time favorite places. It is just beautiful and peaceful and the view is AMAZING! I cant get enough of falling asleep to and waking up to the magnificent sound of the ocean. Tranquility- I need more of that in my life I think.

Last year we did several of the "must-do-s" and this time we wanted to get in a few more. So we went para sailing. I admit we were both kinda freaked out beforehand, not knowing what to expect exactly, but it was really fun. I was expecting to be whipped about to get up in the air, but the launch is really smooth and then the whole ride is so calm and breathtaking. They take you up 800 ft, so you get to see miles and miles and miles around. Then they bring you back in just as smoothly as they launched off. They dont let you bring cameras with you unless they are waterproof-which mine is not, and we didnt want to pay the 40 bucks to have the guy take a picture for us, so the only pictures we have are the ones that are sure to fade in our aging brains. But it was awesome.

We also went on a dinner cruise and that was cool. We met a couple from Oahu that were island hopping for the weekend and they gave us all sorts of good info. The wife has raised 4 sons, so it was fun to get her take on surviving the wildness of it all. Perhaps I wont completely loose my mind with my 3 boys after all. And if we ever go to Oahu and get into trouble, we now have a friend in the police department.

We went to a luau and the hostess for the evening taught us how to flirt in Hawaiian. Daniel and I will never say "Aloha" quite the same way again. And apparently the bigger the flower you wear in your hair, the more desperate you are for a guy- i thought that was funny, and spent the rest of our time noticing the size of flowers people had in their hair.

We did the road to Hana again, but according to some of the locals, there hasnt been much of a rainy season this past winter and spring, so the waterfalls werent quite as spectacular as before. I thought it was still beautiful and enjoyed it.

We tried some new places to eat, and that proved interesting. We also went back to some favorites from last time. And we thoroughly enjoyed the Hawaiian shaved ice almost daily. We got in some shopping for little gifts for the kiddies, and Daniel got offered some "Maui wowie" at least 5 or 6 times. I didnt realize what Maui wowie was- honestly thought it was just an expression cuz Maui is just so wonderful and who can help but say "Maui wowie!"- but apparently my little innocent mind was wrong- its what the hippies call their weed, herb, drug, marijuana. Or so Daniel says. Maybe he is pulling my leg, sometimes I cant tell if he is kidding or not.

Ultimately as wonderful as Maui is, the best thing about it was getting to spend that time with Daniel. We usually get to hang out in the evenings after he is done with work and the kids are in bed, but by then we are mentally and physically exhausted; comes with the territory of parenthood. But to get a little break without work and kids- just that time to be us- well it was wonderful.

Daniels mom watched the kids for us. I felt horrible leaving her here in 115+ degrees with our 4 wild rascals, but they had a good time with grandma and spent lots of time creating and crafting and getting spoiled. How does one thank someone for taking on that burden of taking care of your most priceless gifts? I dont know, but the gratitude we feel is tremendous. They were loved in our absence, and we werent worried about them at all.

So we had a marvelous time, and cant wait to go back. If I still dont have my baby girl by next year then I think we might try Kauai. But if next year we take it low key cuz I have another sweet baby girl to call my daughter, I certainly wont be complaining. So we are looking forward to the future- whatever is in store for us, we are excited. 


Julie said...

Oh man! Its been 10 and a half years since we've been to Hawaii. Lucky you for going again. The pictures look so fun. It makes me want to leave this oven and hop on a plane right now! Hope to see a little baby girl next year!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Kimmy!

I had no idea you were in Maui! Way to go! Your pictures are beautiful! I'm so happy you were able to go! We love Maui, there is something spectacular about that island! I hope your baby girl arrives for your next anniversary!
I missed little Ben on Sunday!
Cheers to you and Daniel!

Stacie Robinson said...

Kimmy love all your posts! They are so fun and your kids make me laugh! Hearing you talk about Daniel makes me think about him when we were growing up and he really hasn't changed much. I'm so glad you guys had a great time in Hawaii. Nothing better than a great vacation!

Tina said...

I'm so glad you had such a great trip. Your pictures are so fun.

I hope you actually have a reason not to go next year. (Hey, I don't have a reason not to go, so what am I doing here?)

Sabra said...

Love it! I'm so glad you were able to go again.

alison said...

Wow that looks like so much fun, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Hawaii, it looks like so much fun and it is absolutely gorgeous, happy anniversary!

Sarah Blue said...

What a wonderful trip! And such beautiful pictures. We went to Oahu several years ago and brought our two little girls with us. It was such fun. Hubby wants to try Maui sans kids one of these years.

As much fun as it would be to go to Hawaii again next year, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to have your baby girl. :)


I am so glad I kept reading your blog because I didn't know you went to Hawaii again! It seemed like you just went, then again, I have lived in El Paso a year now... wow, how time flies! It sounds and looks beautiful! I cna't wait to one day go with my hubby. And good luck with your baby girl! Apparently, it wasn't in store for me... but hope you have better luck!