Friday, February 18, 2011

Just a few of my favorite things

There are a few things that have been making me just so happy as of late, and I wanted to write them down before my deteriorating mind forgets...

1- Our friend gave us her playset when we moved, which we love, only problem is the wood is a little rough and the kids have had several slivers from it...James, who had never had a sliver before was calling them owies until he heard me talking to Kylie about one of her slivers and he now talks about his "snivers" everyday. Oh how I love how he calls them "snivers" Its one of my favorite things.

2- Bennieboo has an obsession with granola bars. He seriously eats like 5 a day. What I love though is that he asks me each time if he can have a "nalona nola bah." I seriously laugh each time he says that. Even if I'm in a terribly grouchy mood- hearing him say that makes me chuckle each time.

3- In my 3rd trimester of each pregnancy I get rather anemic. I cant get enough of the smell of dirt and the chonking of ice. I have chipped several teeth throughout my previous pregnancies with all the ice I chonk on. And right on cue- I got to my 3rd trimester in this pregnancy and I cant get enough ice-- but since my sweet Daniel bought me a shaved ice machine several months ago- we have been enjoying our shaved ice each night. I LOVE IT! And since its shaved ice- its saving my teeth this time around.

4- I have always had a thing for sunrises and sunsets. Its not only therapeutic, its also a spiritual thing for me. Anyway for the past 2 months I lost my walking partner, and have been walking by myself- and since I'm by myself,  I go walking a little later than the 2 of us did, so on the last part of my walk I get to see the sky ablazing with the morning sunrises. But for the past 2 weeks I have not been able to get my self out of bed so early to do my walking. (I blame the anemia) So instead I have been going in the early evenings. And now instead of the glorious sunrises, I walk as the sun in setting. this week-- the sunsets have been out of this world! Also- since its a full moon- the past week has been really cool to see these gorgeous sunsets on one side of the sky and then turn and see this ginormous full moon rising from the other. Majestic!

5-lastly--again with my Bennieboo. I ask him all the time why he is so cute, and he always responds "I awesome!"  He's just matter of fact about it too- it just cracks me up. and this past week he has started adding "ya know" on the end of every sentence. SO he says "I awesome, ya know!" Man alive I love that kid.

Happy Friday ya'll!


Megan said...

What a sweet happy post!
I so wish I would have written sayings like that down when mine were little.
Today is rainy and cold, but a shaved ice sounds so good!! How awesome of Daniel...ya know.

Deb said...

1. I'm so glad you posted pictures of your new house. It looks really nice.

2. I too am obsessed with sunsets lately. I have such a beautiful view of them right now on my front porch.

3. I eat like five granola bars a day too...I'm being serious, I love them.

4. I enjoyed your comment on my blog. It is scary not knowing what other kids are saying to your kids when you aren't around. I ask Smith regularly if he hears kids saying bad words at school and he always says, "yes mom, people take the Lord's name in vain all the time." Which I'm so glad he considers that a horrible thing to say, but I dread having to speak to him about all the other horrible words out there.

5. I didn't know that anemia thing about you. That is so crazy.

Tina said...

There is something so cute about certain things that kids say wrong. You really don't want them to grow out of some of them, because they are so cute! ("snivers")