Tuesday, March 1, 2011

name game

My Daniel had his birthday last week. Since it was a weekday he had to work, but when he got home, the kids were sure excited to celebrate with him. We made  his favorite dinner, made a giant cookie cake, and had his homemade cards and presents from each of the kiddies to open.
Personally, I never know what to get for Daniel- he always comes up with the best  gifts for me, but I totally stink in the gift giving department for him, but this year I arranged to have a friend babysitt the kids overnight and we went to san diego for a little getaway! It rained and even snowed in the mountains between here and there on saturday, so we didnt get to go to the beach, but we did get to go to the temple, we got to go out to eat at some of our favorite places, and even did a little shopping. mostly we just enjoyed a little break from the everyday and enjoyed our time together.
So while on this little trip, Daniel threw a curve ball into my carefully planned ocd plans. When we traveled up to my moms for thanksgiving, we were all thinking we were gonna find out for sure we were having our baby girl, and we have had her name picked out FOREVER. But to be silly I told the kids and Daniel we needed to come up with a boy name "just in case."
Daniel is the worst with names- I have a huge list of names i really like and every single one of them he vetoes. He's done this with James and Ben and i find it quite frustrating cuz I like to have a name picked out from the moment I find out whether we are having a girl or boy so that I can call my baby by his/her name. Anyway I went through my list and Daniel, of course, vetoed everything, so in exasperation I was throwing out random weird names. And of course when I do that he actually ends up agreeing on them. I threw out Phineas in reference to Phineas and Ferb and Daniel was totally in to it. I thought he was being sarcastic, but he said he actually really like it. And he got all the kids calling the baby Phineas after that. I wasnt sold on the idea and thought it was weird, but after so many of my kids prayers asking for baby Phineas to grow healthy and strong, I ended up going along with it. in a weird way it was cute and come on, who doesnt love Phineas and ferb? Phineas is a child genius. SO he(the baby currently in utero) has been Phineas for a few months.
But on this little getaway Daniel drops the bomb on me that he now finds the name weird and doesnt want to name him that. im like "WHAT????!!!!????  I have got 9 weeks left--(7 if Im lucky and go 2 weeks early!!!! crossing my fingers!!) and you are telling this to me NOW- ummm do I need to remind you I am a little bit psycho and need to have things planned out or else I get a tense-(cough cough- ok maybe a lot tense) especially when I am pregnant and my hormones/emotions are all over the place-- you cant do that to me!" and im thinking isnt he the one that got us all hooked on that name anyway? But NOW he thinks its weird? What the flip? He's playing with fire.
So we have been going through names again. And again- everything I like- he doesnt.And yet he wont give me anything serious to work with. SO frustrating!!! I need my baby to have a name. Its driving me crazy.
So when I was pregnant with James, I loved the name Jaxon. I am all about the x in a name- its tough and cool and to tell the truth Jaxon Jackson is just AWESOME...in my opinion. But Daniel hated it. As did anyone else that I told that name to. I tried it again when expecting Ben, but again Daniel thought I was wack outta my mind. so when I threw it out this time around- Daniel actually mulls it over and tells me he likes it. Um--yeah...I cant tell if Daniel is pulling my leg, but since I suggested it he still seems to be on board.. Unless he wants to have the wrath of pregnant Kimmy to deal with, he better not be changing his mind again!
Last night when we were having family prayer, Toast was offering it, and got all upset and stopped right in the middle of his prayer to tell me he didnt "want to pray for baby Jack Jack"-(my favorite nickname....Incredibles anyone?) because "he is still baby Phineas!" Maybe he just needs a little time to adjust to the change...James actually likes it simply because he thinks he is Dash, Kylie is Violet, Daniel is Mr Incredible and I'm "the mom" (he is still trying to place Toast and Ben, but since he doesnt want to share his identity he's having a hard time cuz he doesnt want Syndrome/Buddy to be part of our family for Ty, and Ben cant be Frozone cuz "Frozone is just their friend but not an Incredible." But he is liking the idea of baby jack jack, and the fact he can turn himself "into fire or stone or the devil, and shoot lasers out of his eyes!" (I'm hoping my baby doesnt turn into the devil, or stone, or fire-- but the laser thing might be cool)
Honestly, I'm feeling anxious cuz i really dont think Daniel is seriously gonna let me name our baby Jaxon Jackson. We shall see. But really-- isnt it just a seriously awesome cool name?


Beverly said...

Oh my goodness! You guys are too funny. I can just see Tyler in the middle of the prayer. All I can say is good luck! Your brother and sis in law are having the same problem finding a name they agree on. It is a good thing you find out early what you are having. I will say I like Jaxon better than Phineas though

Sarah Blue said...

Hubby and I go through the same thing when naming babies. Everything I come up with he says no to. Except this time around it dawned on me that I was the one searching and actually trying to find a name. I was doing all the hardwork and then Hubby would sail in and say no, with no contributions of his own. I felt like the Little Red Hen. So I decided I would just pick something I like and go with it, because seriously, who is going to argue names with a woman in labor! No One! At least, no one in their right mind. ;)

So I say, pick a name you like and just go with it.

Good Luck!!!

Sarah Blue said...

OH! I forgot to tell you. Some names sound weird at first, but after a while you just won't be able to imagine your son as anything BUT that name. Be it Phineas or Jaxon--which are both fantastic names!

Granni P said...

I like Jaxon. I like x names too. Aaron has the middle name of Dax. And Phineas was a little out there which made it possibly trendy? But what do I know. Tom named Ashley. I was sure we were having another boy, and he was to be Jordon Scott. So Tom named her Ashley Nicole. I thought about Haile as she was born the year of the comet but then I thought oh no, there will be a million Haile's. Then when she is 3 months old I take her for her photo and there were 4 other babies, 3 of which were named Ashley. And one of them even had the middle name Nicole. Go figure.

Granni P said...

Me again, I just got caught up on your blog. I have been avoiding the computer for months but every once in a while I will check out certain things. Today I came to see you and am so glad I did. You have such a sweet family and I love the way you tell about them. Thanks for writing about Daniel. Made me reflect on my hubby a little and he is right up there with yours. and I just don't appreciate him enough I think. So thanks for the reminder. Keep blogging. Some day I may go back to mine. Just havent had it in me this last year. Oh and your house looks awesome. I need to come see you.

Deb said...

I like Sarah's idea to pick a name and go for it weither hubby likes it or not(: Ian and I have the same problem. He HATES every name I love. He completely named Smith and Adelaide on his own. (Wich is some what annoying since I'm the one who gives birth to our babies and watches them all day every day.) For a good year and a half after Smith was born, I kept asking myself...Did I really name my son Smith? Now he's grown so much into the name I could never see him as anything else.

I have to say that I do love the name Phineas. We are a little obsessed with Phineas and Ferb over at this house though. And June's name came from little Einsteins.

We never have one name picked when our babes are born, we have a list and then finally decide in the hospital. Smith heard the name June on the list when we were in the hospital and freaked out when ever we talked about naming her something else. He wanted her to be June. So it's hard when your kids are putting their two cents in as well.

Good luck with all that.

Tina said...

I can't name a baby until I am staring at her little face. At that point, like Sarah says, I am in a hospital bed having gone through labor, and what I choose GOES. We have usually narrowed it down quite a bit by then, but I have never been able to make the decision ahead of time.

I am interested to see what you will come up with!

I'm glad you had a chance to get away for a weekend.

Grandma said...

We have a Jaxon and I love it. You could always call him JJ


Too funny, as always! Glad you got a little getaway as well. Those are the best! We have been watching Phineas and Ferb like crazy the last 4 days or so. It is cute. But I like Jaxon too. Theron's middle name is Maddox... love x's. I have to know the name the minute I find out what I am having too. I am waaaay OCD like you:)