Friday, March 25, 2011

Thinking back

Yesterday we celebrated Bennie-boo's birthday. He was one happy kid all day long, and that just made me happy. And since I am such a slacker with zilch energy lately I didnt get any pictures. I'm terrible!!! But i wanted to write my thoughts on this little one of mine.
When I was pregnant with Ben,and found out he was a boy- I was slightly surprised cuz i thought i was gonna have a girl, and we would have 4 kids, and we would be complete. (But 3 boys was much easier to wrap my brain around than 4!) However, once we had our little Ben, I couldnt have loved him more. From day one this boy has been a snuggler. I seriously love that he still is. If he sees an open lap, he is there in a flash. He is my happy go lucky kid, He has brought such a sweetness into our home and I honestly cant picture our family without him.
Obviously I am pregnant with our 4th boy- and many times throughout this pregnancy Ive had moments of "another boy?" freak-out-ed-ness. But knowing how much we love and need our Bennie-boo, how much love he brings to our family- well, lets just say those moments still come,(especially when all 3 of my boys are fighting/wrestling/screaming/causing all sorts of mayhem/and destroying) but i just have to look at my Bennie-boo and the freak-out-ed-ness is replaced with laughter and a looking-forward-ness to more of this mostly-fun-loving-craziness in our lives with yet another boy.
And just for record sake, I asked Ben what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday a couple weeks back, and he said "a cookie cake, like daddys."  I thought, thats easy enough, until the next week he changed his mind to "a mario cake like toastys." Then it was back to the cookie cake, then back to the mario cake, then an elmo cake, then a "blue toad from mario world" cake, then back to the cookie cake, then back to the mario, then it was a froggy cake, then phineas and ferb cake, then back to the froggy after he changed his mind 100 times- i made up the froggy cake, and surprisingly it turned out pretty decent considering how lacking I am in the cake decorating skills department. Anyway I document this little tidbit of information cuz Ben takes after his daddy in a lot of things, but apparently he is a little nuts like his mom when trying to make a decision. And that just cracks me up.


Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to our Bennie boy! We love him very much! (Wish I could cash in on some of those hugs)


Happy Late Birthday to Ben!!! And you are excused for lack of pictures because pregnancy is the worst! Love the little tidbits about Bennie Boo and I hope this next one is even awesomer!