Tuesday, March 15, 2011

same old stuff

My dad has a little saying..."same old stuff, different day"- and that is pretty much how life has been the past few weeks. And that's just fine by me. We are getting all ready for the baby, although I still have several weeks to go. But it does feel good getting prepared. Daniel and I are trying to put our brains into baby mode again. Diapers, bottles, binkys, burp clothes, formula, spit up, no sleep, ...we feel like we've been out of it for so long, although its only been 3 years, but boy, do babies grow and change quickly. All in all we are getting so excited to meet this baby, excited to count his tiny fingers and toes, excited not be be pregnant anymore, but instead hold him close, and just so excited for all the joy and love and new baby brings.
So being ever so pregnant, I have been trying my best to keep up with my walking, and since I have absolutely no energy to do it in the mornings anymore, I am walking in the early evenings. When I was able to get up in the mornings, I would go before my kids got up and while Daniel was getting ready for work..but now, since Daniel is at work in the early evenings and I have my kids to take care of, we go to a nearby park and they play while I walk around the little sidewalk track. Last week we had stopped in at the dollar store and the kids picked up some little buckets and shovels, and decided they wanted to take them to the park. So I'm walking and am just kind of in my own world with my thoughts but as I came around by the playground and passed them,  I had one of those precious moments where I looked at all of them, busy in their digging adventures and had to brush away a tear or two as my heart felt so immensely full. There are so many moments where I am driven a little insane by the craziness of them all, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being their mother and I love watching them grow and learn and I especially love the tender little moments when i look at all of them and everything else falls away and I recognize just how blessed I've been.
(someone please remind me of this after my new one is born and we are all going through our own adjustments and I'm grouchy as can be and am considering giving them all away- :) )


Sabra said...

Walking without me just doesn't seem right.


I have the same moments... they don't last very long, but I loVe them when they come! I love your cute family and you are such a cute mom!

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing your moments w/me. Makes me feel a little bit closer. Wish I was there walking w/you

Brenda said...

Cute post Kimmy! I'm excited for your new baby's arrival. Your kids will be so cute with a baby brother! Keep up the good work!
You are a great MOM! I admire that you are walking every day.

Deb said...

I love when those moments happen.

And I so admire how you find a way to exercise everyday. I remember admiring you for it when we use to visit teach you and I still do to this day. I wish I was more like that. I'm always looking for an excuse not to work out.