Saturday, November 12, 2011


I blinked & somehow October sped on by.
So Daniel ran a half marathon today. I told him he should exercise in moderation- taking it to the extreme is insane in my opinion, but he did it, and has been suffering with a headache all day long. Poor guy. But he did it, so wooohoo to him. I wasn't going to go see him at the finish line cuz I really don't like taking all 5 kids any where by myself. They are more than a handful, but Kylie promised to help me look after Ben, we hooked Joshy up in the Bjorn, and Ty&James promised to be good, so we managed and got there and cheered our favorite guy on at the finish line. He has been super busy with work, and has lots going on there, so that is a good thing. He has been in the top 20 LO's for the whole company a few times now, & if he keeps that up for a full year next year, his company takes the top agents on a fancy schmancy vacation, so I'm liking the sound of free trip..(well free minus the babysitter we would have to pay mucho buckos to, to watch the little hooligans.) Daniel has been helping me keep our garden growing, and we finally have some fruits of our labors. Garden fresh green beans! Soooo exciting! Our tomatoes didn't produce much, and our peas got eaten by the bugs, but we still might get some cucumbers if we don't get colder than we've been for a little while longer.
Kylie has a totally awesome piano teacher right now, & she(her piano teacher) has her(Kylie) learning the hymns.  Once Kylie mastered the one she was on, her teacher had her play it in primary for a little prelude music. She is working on The First Noel  right now, and is suppose to do the same with that one in a few weeks. I think her teacher is brilliant. And so does Kylie.
Toasty -boy was baptized a few weeks back. He had both sets of grandparents come in to town, and his aunt Christie and her family, and we really appreciated having their support on that special day. He participated in the stake baptism and there were 4 other kids baptized that day, which the stake primary leader said was a record. His grandma Hall gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, and i think that made it extra special for him. I had 2 little fussy rascals to deal with, so I was in the very back of the room for the most part, so I missed a lot that was said, especially when he was confirmed, so I was bummed about that, but somehow, amid the 2 fussy little ones, I did feel the spirit, and I hope my Tyler-boy did too. 
James& Ben keep me on my toes. A few weeks back they made it "snow"  in the kitchen by dumping a huge bag of flour over every possible surface they could. I was thinking we were passed this stage, but just goes to show what I know. They keep me laughing though with all the funny things they say. Ben was mad at Kylie& Tyler one afternoon and stopped on his way out the back door to tell me he was " on his way to get his rebenge(revenge)" i had a good chuckle about that before I tried to remind him Jesus said we should forgive not seek revenge, but he ran around chasing his older siblings with a broom for a little while anyway. They all ended up laughing about it and were back in "the club" with no hard feelings, so it's all good.
Joshy is growing like crazy. He went from no teeth to 4 in a matter of 3 weeks. He has been teething forever, but they all broke through around the same time, so that's good. He is sitting by himself, crawling, rolling, eating up the wazoo& making us all laugh whenever he laughs. He also likes to squeak, instead of "talk" and we love it. The sweet boy hasn't slept through the night since August, so i am barely hanging on these days, and hoping somehow by some random miracle he starts sleeping longer. He takes 2 or 3 naps each day, and those are only 15 minutes, and then he is up at least 3 times each night, usually 4. I don't get it. All my other baby's were sleeping through the night and took at least hour long naps(usually longer) by this point, but Joshy wont stay asleep for very long. One would think he would be fussy all the time since he doesn't get much sleep (heaven knows these days that's how I am all the time) but he is really happy& good natured. I seriously love my baby. He started making fish faces a few weeks back, so we have nicknamed him "fishyface."
So that is my update, and chances are i wont be updating again til December, but since my main focus is survival I'm ok with that.

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Megan said...

We just saw Daniel at Walmart so the 1/2 must have been good to him.
I just love your sweet family!