Monday, January 9, 2012


I am the worst at keeping up with my record keeping lately. I am actually the worst at everything lately. But maybe one day, my kids will be grown and then I might look back and might (yeah right) miss the overwhelming chaos that has consumed all my time and energy from this stage in my life, but since I have a few minutes right now I figured I would write a quick update before 2012 turns to 2013.
So thanksgiving was great. We stayed in town and did our own little family feast. My rolls turned out splendid, we had fresh green beans from our garden, and the turkey was totally not dry. Unfortunately I decided to try a new recipe for the seasonings of the turkey and the famous foodie blogger whose recipe I used likes garlic a heck of a lot more than I do, so it was not my fave flave. Next year, I'm going back to my own recipe--garlic free.
December was a whirlwind. I turned another year older, unfortunately not wiser. I took Toast to his school Christmas program and grumbled the whole time. Daniel took Kylie to hers the next night, but they actually played hookie instead and went shopping and got some DQ. Next year I am TOTALLY DOING THAT!

Daniel had a company party in Tucson, so our super awesome friend babysat the oldest 4 overnight here, and my darling sweet cousin watched the baby for us there(in Tucson). We were planning on having her just watch him while we went to the party, then we were gonna pick him up later that night, but she and her husband insisted we leave him as he was gonna be sleeping anyway. I warned them he isn't a sleeper...but we have been trying to let him cry it out cuz I am at the point where I cant do it anymore. Getting 6 hours of sleep in 2- 3 hour intervals if I am lucky does nothing good for me. I am not on top of my game, the daily headaches are KILLER, and  the exhaustion has made me the grouchiest mother alive. Seriously, Joshua doesn't sleep. The longest stretch of time that he has gone for was almost a 6 hour stretch way back in August. Since then,  he has reverted to the waking up every 2-3 hours. And so the end of November after I physically couldn't do it anymore, we started to let him cry it out at night. He still wakes up every night at least 2 times and cries for an hour, but I'm hoping eventually he just sleeps through the night. Its not like he is needing to eat anymore..the little guy has chubs, so why exactly he cant sleep through the night is beyond me, but for now, this is what I am doing cuz I gotta survive somehow, even if that means I am a mean mommy who lets my poor little guy cry his heart out for me at night and i just let him. anyway, so I told my cute cousin, that he wakes up and cries and cries but that we just let him cry,but if he woke up, to let us know and we would come get him.
 The party was fun. I have some interesting observations from that night, from the way people act when they drink, to the way people dress up-(why do so many girls think dresses that barely cover their behinds nor their "bubbles"(as my kids call female bosoms) can possibly be a good look for anyone??? it was cocktail attire, but most every female i saw was dressed more like she was at a strip club or something similar- the so called  "in-fashion" styles just don't make much sense to me. personally i would feel so dang extremely self conscious and sooooo uncomfortable in the dresses most ladies were wearing...but i guess that's just me and my little Mormon girl self coming out.) but i will just say, I am thankful that alcohol, and the nonsensical things of the world aren't a part of my life. But again...perhaps it is just cuz i see the world through my mormon-view glasses.. Anyway, the company had some raffles that went on until midnight, so after that we went up to our room and crashed.
 The plan was to pick up Joshy before my cousin had church, but she called at 10 as they were getting ready to head to church and her call is what WOKE US UP..............AT 10 AM!!!!!!! Since we didn't have our usual alarm clocks(aka the baby and the other rascals of ours) and since the room had black out curtains, and since we haven't slept for a solid block of time since......uh.....i cant even recall the last time I slept through the maybe like since ever i guess, we had slept right on through the morning hours. My darling cousin was so sweet about it, and they just took Josh to church with them, where we picked him up once we got showered, dressed, packed, and navigated our way to their church building. I had totally thought we would be home before our other rascals got home from church, but our "little"(haha) sleep-in threw that plan off as well as we had to drive back here from there, so our poor babysitter here had to be with the munchkins longer than planned too...but she was so sweet about it as well. So yeah, it was a fun little getaway, but didn't go according to the plan. And Daniel and I will forever be indebted to my cousin, her husband, and our friend Brooke.
Christmas was wonderful. We drove up to my parents home like we do every year. It is a horrendous long drive with 5 kids, one of whom is a baby who hates being strapped down in a car seat, but Daniel does it for me each year as he knows Christmas Eve is my most favorite day of the year and without my family traditions and without my mom and dad, that most wonderful day wouldn't be the we drive and drive and drive..i think it is well worth it, but my Daniel has an itching to do our own thing down here at some point, but he loves me enough to make that sacrifice for me. he is so great. anyway Christmas day evening all of my siblings and their families got together at my moms. It was a mini family reunion. 56 if us all at my moms. it was chaos, but it was wonderful. We only got a couple days up there, but it was fun. Unfortunately it didn't snow...hopefully next year. :)
New Years Eve we celebrated with our traditional chips and homemade salsa, veggies galore, and our artichoke spinach dip. Followed by our homemade ice cream bar. This year we bought some fireworks and did those with the kids around 9, then gave them their baths and got them to bed, then we turned on a movie for us, but my cute Daniel zonked before the clock struck 12..we must be getting old or something.

And now that the new year has started, and the kids are back in school, and my Jamesy finally started up with a preschool since he didn't start Kindee-garten in the fall like I was kinda hoping for, I am hoping this year I can find the right balance in my life that I kinda, more like completely lost last year. Honestly I'm betting that this year is gonna be shaking us more than we've ever been shaken before, but for right now, I'm not thinking about the ever closer months ahead...I'm trying to find my zen, my balance for the now...and when the other shoe falls come April...well....i can worry about that when that time comes. (haha..hows that for cryptic mom?)  (and since you are the only one who really reads my blog now days anyway I will be writing THAT post sometime soon....maybe....)   :)

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And I had about given up on you blogging again--maybe a few more posts till the other shoe drops--looking forward to THAT post.