Friday, June 4, 2010

Over night

While putting away laundry, I was talking with my Bennie-Boo and asked him why he was so silly. He says, "ohhh just cuz!" That kinda threw me for a loop. When did my baby start talking? A few minutes later he ran into his room and shut the door. So I took a break from the laundry and went and hid against the wall so when he opened it I could jump out with a loud "boo-ya!" and see him jump a mile high. Which he did- and we both laughed. But then he says, "you scared me mommy!"  My jaw literally dropped and I looked at him for a good minute trying to figure out when did this happen. When did my baby go from "goo goo ga ga" to "you scared me mommy"? I think it really must have happened over night.

Since Monday was a holiday, the kids didnt have school, but Daniel had to get some work done, so he stayed home while Ben took a nap and I took the kids to see Shrek 3. When I asked James if he liked the movie this is how he responded: "well the bad guy has really big spikey hair and he has the witches on his team, and he gives Shrek a map that makes Shrek fall out of the sky, but when he hits the ground the witches throw skeleton balls at him and he gets some owies, and then the other shreks dont know him and they go fight the bad guy with the big hair and then everyone breaks into sixty five pieces and then they have a party...the bad guy doesnt like Jesus. But I do. He's so nice."  Shrek in a nutshell.

Toast has yet another loose tooth, but he wont let me pull it out. I snuck into his  room while he was sleeping to try to get it out, but even in his zonked out zone he swatted my hand away and turned his head into a position that wouldnt allow me to pry his mouth open. It's really bugging me cuz his big front tooth has been growing in and its knocking right into the loose one and I just need one good pull and it would be out, but Ty believes in letting it come out on its own. Its going to drive me insane if it doesnt come out soon.

2 weeks ago Kylie was tested at school because of her "academic achievements."(what does that mean? she's finishing up 2nd grade- what academic achievement?) Anyway they sent her results home and she is "an accelerated learner"- in the area of non verbal cognitive abilities-(what the heck is that?) and "above average" in verbal and quantitative cognitive abilities. Shes a smart one, no doubt, but what I find kinda funny and kinda worrisome at the same time is that she was slightly miffed she wasnt at the "genius/gifted" level. What to do with that girl.
I was having some fun the other day with google translator- you can put in any word/phrase/saying and have it translated into the language of your choosing. So I sent Daniel several love texts in Spanish, just to mix it up. He responded with "no comprendo." So I text him to have his Spanish speaking loan officer translate. Which I was kidding about- I figured he would have googled it himself, but  since sarcasm doesnt come through texts very easily he took me seriously and had her translate my love texts to him. I am rather embarrassed now.(not cuz I was inappropriate or anything-  I just really dont think having her translate "you are smoking hott" to Daniel was the best way for that to be said. She thankfully has a sense of humor, so no law suits will be filed.


Megan said...

It doesn't seem like very long ago when your baby was a tiny baby.
I love your new family picture and the pics of the kids are gorgeous.
It cracks me up that you sneaked into his room!

Beverly said...

Kimmus, I love the pictures of everyone and love the new family picture as well. Thanks for the updates. If you think Ben grew up overnight for you, you should feel how I am feeling. I didn't even get to know him as a baby! Or James either. Sure miss you all.

Brenda said...

Can I have Bennie Boo? Cute pictures, including your new family picture!

Christie said...

regarding the tooth situation, you can do what we did, we just tell them we are testing the wiggle and then yank as hard and fast as you can... we only got away with this once per kid but whatever works huh?

Stacie Robinson said...

I am glad to hear that they just start talking over night. Sometimes I worry about Trey not talking, but hopefully one day he will wake up and start.
I can't believe how big all your kids are getting. Kylie is so cute!!!

Granni P said...

Make him eat an apple. Worked every time with our kids. And you are hilarious. I didn't even know you could do that on Google. You always brighten my day Kimmy!

alison said...

Oh Kimmy everyone is so cute! I can't believe how big Bennie has gotten. Oh and I love your texting/translation story! :)

Tina said...

Kimmy, you crack me up. Scaring your child, and sending hot Spanish text messages!