Friday, June 11, 2010

Toast to Toast

Daniel really likes to channel Bob Parr aka Mr Incredible when the kids have any kind of recognition program- such as kindergarten graduation. He thinks "its psychotic- they keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity." So he was not very excited to have to go to Toasts graduation  last night. It didnt help that we were in the very back row, and that  I left him with the 2 yahoos aka James and Bennie-boo, and crept down the aisle to the front so I could snap a few pictures. (there were a bunch of other parents who had the same idea, so I was still pretty far back and then ended up with pictures of the backs of other people heads from them popping up the exact moment I was trying to snap a picture, so my effort was pretty much wasted anyway)
But Toast was very excited and that made it worthwhile. Now for some squint your eyes and try to find him pictures.
                                                 (T is for Toast- does that help you find him?)
                                           (This is him shaking the hands of the tattooed principal)
                             (I tried to figure out what her tattoo was of, but my vision is horrible and my best guess
                                      is a mosquito- as the schools mascot is just that- but I could be wrong)
(and here he is using his certificate as a spotting scope)

                                           He looks all innocent and charming as we head out
                                              But he turns into gremlin mode very quickly
                                    Kylie was bored by the whole thing. Note her pirate look
                  She had a pirate party and this was the best "costume" we could come up with
                                          Personally I think its more "punk" than "pirate" but oh well.

Since we made a big deal about Kylies kinder graduation 2 years ago we had to do the same with Toast, so after his little program we let him choose his favorite place for dinner. He chose Olive Garden- weird cuz he isnt a pasta fan, but whatever floats his boat. So we took all 4 yahoos to dinner. Madness ensued. They sat us in a booth right between 2 parties of 4 made up of those 60 and older. They were none too pleased with my Bennie boo turning to them and growling/yelling/and calling them "grandpa". Nor did they appreciate Jamseys continual head bonking against the side of the booth,  (this is why we dont take them out to eat unless its a one on one date-) But again- Toast was so excited that we couldnt be too irritated, and thankfully the old people werent mean about it.
So now we finally get to join the rest of the world on summer vacation. WOOHOO!


Brenda said...

Cheers to Kindergarten Graduation!

I see my child joining along with Toast in creating a "spotting scope". I thought they were all so cute! It was fun to see our "preschool kids" standing together.

Rebecca and I was trying to avoid the tatoo and a few other things in our pictures. LOL

Hey, come enter the drawing! :)

Kristy said...

Happy Graduation to Toasty! Looks fun, and I love the pictures! After the girls graduation they chose to go to Pizza Factory, so we took the whole crew and they loved the breadsticks on an actual stick! Fun times and memories! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Sabra said...

The other day we were feeling brave, so we took our four out to the OG Lounge (Olive Garden). Aaron also came with his three. They stuck us in that big table room with the rock wall, and the kids were literally climbing the walls. Rock climbing! Once in a while we have to remind ourselves through these types of experiences, that we are not ready to face the world as a family just yet.

Unless, of course, there is a play area or a shopping cart involved. I'm feeling Sam's Club for dinner tonight.

Granni P said...

Oh Kimmy, I miss the days!!! I wish I had blogged so many of our adventures, or at least written them somewhere, but I have never been very good at journaling. And now it is so hard to recall them. Sometimes a picture will bring them back or a post like yours! Thanks for sharing!!

Deb said...

The schools mascot is a mosquitto? What kind of a mascot is that? No offense or anything. But everyone hates mosquittos, why would you make it your mascott???

Anyways - Yeah for summer vacation!

Tina said...

I loved Kylie's pirate look. She was way cute that day!

Can you believe it is on to first grade?

We never took our oldest kids out to real restaurants when they were little because we couldn't afford it. Maybe that was for the best;)