Friday, June 25, 2010

There's no crying

We bought a fathers day card last week, the kind that talks when opened up. This particular card has a movie line quip by Tom Hanks from a league of their own... you know the one "there's no crying. There's no crying in baseball!" James and Ben are obsessed with that card and have been going around all week repeating that infamous line, which makes me laugh cuz Ben says it "der no eye-ing. der no eye-ing in bey-balls." and its just fun to hear him talk- but things got even better when at swim lessons James told him "there's no crying. there's no crying in swim lessons!" after Ben broke into the saddest cry when it was his turn to swim. Now James, Ben and I all say it on our way to swim lessons- although it hasnt helped. Ben still cries whenever its his turn.
We made a quick trip to San Diego last weekend, and spent a few hours at the beach. I got everyone all sunscreened up, but the wind coming off the ocean managed to interfere with my spray on protection. The kids had some interesting designs from some of the sunscreen working, and other parts of their skin being exposed to the sunrays. Ben was the best though- his swimsuit covered his buns when I sprayed him up, but as he played and ran his swimsuit kept slipping down, exposing his cheeks quite a bit- so his little bunz have been red and white striped this week.

James has been obsessed with Mario Galaxy-(Daniel bought it for some family Wii bonding time a couple of weeks ago) and whenever I tell him his time is up he has been throwing tantrums equal to those of his 2 year old stage. Not fun. I have been told at least 100 times that he hates me. I think I hate video games. They seem to be turning my sweet loving boy into a gremlin. So one would think that I would just ban my 4 year old(he says he is anyway) from the wii, but the reason I let him play is cuz it gives me 30 minutes to take my shower and get dressed and do my hair for the day without him and Ben upsatirs with me, schmearing toothpaste and bagbalm on the mirror the whole time. So the gremlin behavior is easier to clean up, and doesnt pose as much of a threat that my arm will come out of its socket in the process like cleaning that mirror does. Which has happened several times in the past few months, but I have been VERY LUCKY that its gone right back in. I really should hire a maid to clean my house, as its obviously hazardous to my health to do it myself. :)
Toast and Kylie have been doing a day camp this week. Daniel and I thought it would be something fun for them to do, but we are kinda disappointed with it. It's been lame-o. Just my opinion. I dont think we will be investing our time in that again. It feels like a day care. Which I dont need or want for my kids. We have lots of fun together doing our own "day-camp" things throughout the summer, but I thought this would be a good way for them to be more social as they are both very shy. And they have made a few new friends-Kylie has met 2 other girls her age named Kylie, which is fun cuz she has never met anyone yet with her same name- but all in all- it has not been what we were thinking it was going to be like. Live and learn I guess.

We have the leap frog alphabet letter fridge magnets on our fridge and for the past year Daniel and I have been exchanging love notes by taking turns rearranging the letters into creatively spelled messages of love. We are so cheesy sometimes it kills me, but I love it. Its fun to go to the fridge throughout the day and see something like- Kimmys my favorite- with upside down L's or sideways w's to make up for missing letters. We have had some pretty good laughs at some of the  messages we come up with, like- Daniel is magically delicious- or Kimmy is my love heroine- but what has made this even more fun is that the kids have gotten  in on it. I had arranged Kimmy really loves Daniel-(one of my rather basic and simple messages, but heartfelt just the same) but Toast decided to spice it up with this..

All I can say is, yes I do. It is a rather nice rump, in my opinion.


Sabra said...

You should have put them in The Treehouse day camps!

Beverly said...

That is too classic! Way to go Tyler!