Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Toast had his 7th birthday yesterday. He was one excited kid. He started his day with breakfast of  his choice- donuts, got to have a little lunch date with his daddy to the infamous Mr G's, had cupcakes with his class-(thank heavens he wasnt picky about those) and got to choose his favorite dinner as well- McD's--(kill me now!) After which he finally got to open his presents, and then ended with his Mario world birthday cake. (that cake was an adventure in and of itself starting with the baking process which turned disastrous due to my own stupidity, but considering that it actually turned out to be somewhat similar to what I was trying to do, the disastrous part was soon forgotten.) SO yeah, Tyler had a very nutritious birthday. (Note the sarcasm) But at least he was happy for the entire day!

So in honor of my Toast here are 7 things we love about this kid:

1- Toast is so imaginative. He gets in his own world of Mario or Star Wars and it is a very creative world. Sure George Lucas started the star wars world- but Ty has taken it to a new level.

2-Toast is smart smart smart. When he applies himself there is no stopping him.

3- Ty gives some of the best spontaneous hugs!

4- Toast has a funny sense of humor. He also understands humor- like in books or movies and it always makes me laugh when he laughs cuz he understands why a particular thing is funny.

5-Ty usually isnt afraid to try new things.

6- Ty is usually a really good brother to his younger brothers. I love that he will include them in his mario or star wars adventures and all three of them will go off pretending to smash goombas or saving princess peach.

7-Toast continues to teach me about patience, and unconditional love and forgiveness. Its true that my Toast is my most puzzling kid for me to figure out sometimes, and there are so many nights when I plead with my Heavenly Father to help me understand him so that I can help him be the best he can be- and there are still lots of days when I fail to understand and instead just react to his not so good behavior- but at the end of the day Tyler will always give me one of his great big hugs and will tell me he loves me and tells me that I'm the best mom ever, and I think- how can he say that when I totally overreacted and didnt understand why he was doing what he was doing- but I am learning that it all comes down to love- (cliche but true) Ty just wants to love and wants to be loved. And I love that about him.


Brenda said...

Your pictures are cute!

Stacie Robinson said...

Wow! 7 years old. Do you really expect them to eat healthy?! Boys are crazy and I have a feeling Tyler is an older version of my Trey.

Beverly said...

Give him another hug for me!

Tina said...

I love those happy, happy pictures!