Friday, August 19, 2011


So Daniel and I celebrated our 10 years of wedded bliss last week, and were able to have a quick little weekend getaway to Park City. We got to my moms on Thursday, and then got to go to "my temple" on Friday morning, then headed up to our favorite hotel in park city that afternoon, and since I was in desperate need of some new running shoes we hit the outlets and did a little shopping. For some reason someone/where was having a celebration that night and had a lovely display of fireworks, so Daniel and I decided it was really just for us. so thanks Park City for the fireworks! ha.
I was planning on taking my Joshy with us, but Daniel was NOT thrilled about that as he feels I tend to neglect him when I'm tending to my little guy, so we had my sister-in-law watch him, (my mom had the older 4) and that night/morning we ended up sleeping in until 10- I don't know that I've slept in that late since...ever. but we both just zonked and zonked hard. But once we got up we decided to have a late morning run in the beautiful mountains, but after about 10 minutes we were dying from the dramatic change in altitude, so we went down to the gym instead. Awesome. After cleaning ourselves up, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to our room, and chillaxed on our balcony while reading some books. Can I just say I hate investing my time reading when the ending doesn't turn out to be happy. I want a happy ending in my story's. Ending on a depressing note just sucks the fun right out of reading, in my opinion. But even with a depressing book, it was relaxing just spending the afternoon with Daniel. That night brought with it the most awesome rain storm. Oh how I love rain. I wish Yuma would get some. Blasted monsoon season didn't bring the goods this year- just heat, no storms. Blah. So it was nice to have some up there. We had to drive back all day Sunday, but for once, we didn't make a wrong turn or have car problems, so we actually made it home before midnight. Wooohoo!
since coming back though, I am trying to come up with a good excuse/reason to get away again sometime soon. This desert heat just sucks the life right out of me. It's either that or my kids- or maybe a combination of the 2. ;)


Brenda said...

Congratulations on Ten! I'm so happy you were able to get away and celebrate, especailly to Park City! :)

It's amazing how the altitude affects you. I understand what you are saying. When I'm snow sking in Park City, I have headaches for the first few days.

Thanks for your sweet comment.
Have a great weekend!

Megan said...

Woohoo for a decade! Congrats and I'm glad you got a little R&R~ running and reading.

Okay~ here's your excuse: It's a 115 degrees with humidity! That's all the reason any of us need to get the heck out of town!

Running with you sounds so fun! Maybe someday. But let me just tell you, the first time someone says to me "oh, it's so cute how you and your daughter run together" I'm OUT! :)


Megan is funny! Happy Anniversary! If you can survive the first decade... especially with 5 kids... you can survive anything!! So glad you got to get away. I bet both of ya'll needed that!!