Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Temple day

On this day, 10 years ago, my cute sister had planned on taking me and my mom to have a little pre-wedding M.S.D (mom, sister, daughter) moment. Pedicures was the plan. But I hadnt seen my espoused Daniel in 2 weeks, and he was flying into SLC around the same time. My sister arranged to have her husband pick up my soon to be husband, but I told her I HAD to see him as soon as his feet touched down on Utah soil. She told me I was a little crazy, after all this would be the last time we would be able to have a little MSD moment as I was moving to AZ only to return on occasional visits, besides, I was going to have eternity with Daniel, so 30 minutes while Big D(her husband) drove him to meet up with me wouldnt be that big of a deal. She made a decent argument,but when it came down to it, I HAD to be with my Daniel. With out him I didnt feel complete. I was a bit of a goober, and still am, but 10 years later I still dont like being apart from my Daniel.

After i picked him up, we drove down to Provo to get our marriage license, then headed to my moms house to get ready to go to the temple.
This was the day I was going through the temple for my 1st time. I cant remember some of the little details of  that day. I dont remember if Daniel and I drove with both my parents, or just my mom to the temple that evening. I remember a certain male cousin was trying to get me all weirded out previous to this day and told me something about being naked in the temple, so even though I knew he was trying to be funny with me, i was a little apprehensive with the "washing&anointing". Something I had kinda thought was gonna be really weird was indeed something really quite cool. I remember sitting with my mom in a small room with a few other young women and their moms,while the temple matriarch talked to us. I had the thought that when I was older in years and Daniel was retired, it would be pretty cool to be able to spend our days in the temple- kinda like this sweet lady was getting to do. I remember wondering were Daniel was at this point. Then I remember going into the next room, and having my mom, and sister, and some other relatives there, and across the aisle was my Daniel. I was so excited to see him. I remember my mom helping me with different things through out  the endowment. I honestly chuckled to myself when I saw the "hats" the men wear. I confess, to this day whenever Daniel and I make it to the temple, I still chuckle to myself cuz I still think they are funny looking "hats". I remember Daniel taking me into the celestial room. I had been there once before during the open house of that temple, but being in there with my parents, some of my siblings, some of my relatives,  and especially my Daniel, i felt joy.
When we came out of the temple, the sun was just starting to set, and the sunset sky was splendid! Then we went back to my moms for dinner. After eating, Daniel and I went down into my moms basement to play with a few of my nephews, but they eventually had to go to bed, so Daniel and I started making out and then to my complete embarrassment and awkwardness his mother came down and interrupted our kissing fest. Like i said, awkward!
A little bit later, I said goodnight to my Daniel and he spent the night with his familys friend who lived a few blocks over from my parents, and I went up to my room to finish packing all my stuff up.
I think I finally crawled into bed around 3 am, but there on my pillow was a treasured note from my mom, expressing her hopes and support for me in this new chapter of my life, and her love for me as her child. Oh how I cherish that letter.
So on this day, I look back and reminisce about that day 10 years ago, and am thankful for 1- my Daniel, and even 10 years later, when he isnt around I really dont feel complete..and as excited as I was to see him that day 10 years ago, I feel that same excitement when he comes home from work each night. 2- my sweet mother who has been helping me through lifes experiences then and now. 3-The sacred, beautiful, & eternal ceremonies and the abundant presence of the Holy Ghost found in the temple. I can honestly say that no matter what craziness may be present in my life at certain times, I have ALWAYS found peace and calm when I go back to the temple. 


Kristy said...

Such a sweet post, Happy Anniversary to you two!

Sabra said...

Your Daniel is pretty great, as are you.


I love to record memories like this! Your kids will love it! Ya'll are perfect for each other!