Monday, August 8, 2011

School Days

Today is the 1st day back to school. I thought it was suppose to get easier each year, but as I dropped off my Kylie-girl and my Toast, I admit, I got emotional. I'm sending them off again, to spend almost 7 hours away from me every day. From meeting their teachers, I think things are gonna be ok this school year,but that's 7 hours where I'm not around to teach them,to help them, to encourage them, to love them. And as great as hopefully their teachers are, that's my girl and my boy, and i kind of feel like saying- do you understand how special my daughter is, do you understand how awesome my boy is- do you know that Kylie is so shy, and she has such a sweet heart, that she loves so unconditionally and expresses it in the form of little notes? do you know how smart she is? do you know how creative she is? Or how responsible? Do you know how funny my Ty is? Do you know he is a smarty pants too? That he excels when he feels confidence but when he is not confident he struggles to communicate that feeling, and just needs a little extra love and support? Do you know how imaginative that kid is? Do you know what a leader he can be?
I wonder if that's how our Father in Heaven feels, when he sends his little ones into this world. hmmm....

Time is just going by too darn fast-- Kylie no longer lines up on the same side of the school- now she is with the "big kids"- but that cant be cuz she is still my little girl. Can she really be a 4th grader?
I really didn't plan on spending my day wiping the tears away, but i just cant seem to help myself today. Can I still blame it on hormones? Good! ok, now wheres the chocolate?


Megan said...

The chocolate is my house and you come on over any old time.

PS~ I'm so totally glad that Kylie and Faith are together this year. Playdates here we come!

Brenda said...

Cute pictures.....I don't think the tears ever leave us, as we raise our children, especially the ones you are feeling today. I think those are the hardest. I'm eating chocolate too! My Brady Boy is a Junior this year!

Sabra said...

I have such mixed emotions each year. It's nice to know I'm not alone.


What a cute post! And I totally agree... do our teachers know how awesome our kids really are?? And my kids are getting big?? Look at yours! Kinda sad :(